Top Trending Pet Costumes of the Year

Greetings, everyone! We're here with more important news: the most popular pet costumes! To be exact, nine of the most well-liked animal costumes! On this list, every product has at least 1,000 reviews with a minimum rating of four stars. If it had to do with dogs or any other cuddly, feathered, or furry pet, you know we would never steer you wrong.

For the past nine years, we have firmly stated that we will not subject our pets to costume torture. However, on October 31st, he gave us serious side looks due to the gorgeous costume we forced him to wear. To be honest, we only leave it on till we can take a picture of him and until he eventually removes himself. There are just too many amazing costumes available for us to resist.

Some of you probably pass out candy or even go trick-or-treating with your pets too. Every year, we see a few walking around the neighborhood, and we’re always so excited to see them dressed up. Some of the funniest costumes are great for pets. Like the ones where it looks like they’re holding a package or have tiny human-like legs? Hilarious!

Some of you may participate in trick-or-treating with your dogs or even distribute candy. We are pleased to see them dressed up when we see a handful of them strolling around the neighborhood once a year. Costumes for pets might look really funny in some cases. Like those that appear to be grasping a box or have tiny legs similar to those of humans? Funny as hell!

Because not everyone owns a dog, we've added some other suggestions for your cat or even a hedgehog instead. Who would have guessed? Tell us on social media about your pet wearing one of our well-liked pet costumes if you buy one!


Pet Cat Bat Wings

These gorgeous black felt bat wings will transform your cat into a fantastic creature of the night. You simply need to add this lightweight, adaptable costume to complete the look—they already have the fangs down.


UPS Dog Costume

We believe you will laugh when you see your dog rushing around the living room in this UPS costume, which is certainly one of the most popular pet costumes. Your pet will change into a ready-to-deliver creature the moment their front legs fit through the pant legs.


Lion Mane for Dog Costumes

Take a look at our previous note about torturing our pet with this. For good reason, this dog "wig" made of a lion's mane is one of the most wanted pet costumes; it's realistic, simple to put on, cozy for your pet to wear, and incredibly cost-effective.


Cowboy Riding Pet Costume

It's possible that you've seen this cowboy costume in action. Plus, it's so fun that you laugh at it every time. Just fasten this outfit over your dog and head out; it's super simple and will win you the title of best-dressed. Little puppy, move along!


Royal Pet Cloak

It's no secret that cats think highly of themselves—they see themselves as the royalty of the house. This magnificent cape, with its fake fur collar, crushed red velvet, and gold embroidery along the edges, will allow you to fulfill that prophecy. Ideal for relaxing with their staff while wandering around the home.


French Pet Costume

This classic “French” outfit says it all. A traditional striped shirt with a red scarf and a petite, adjustable hat. It is available in ten sizes as well! Our best guesses for your pet's outfit this year are here.


Bad to the Bone Skeleton Personalized Costume

This t-shirt, "bad to the bone," may be the most basic item on our list of the most popular pet costumes. Simply slide it over your dog and you're set—it's both adorable and humorous. Include the name of your pet to add a special touch.


Custom Made Pet Pilot Costume

Although there is a premium feel to this costume, the attention to detail and quality make it well worth the investment. Your dog's exact measurements and preferred stripe design will be customized for this made-to-order aviator outfit, depending on their pilot rank.


Handmade Pet Lobster Costume

This is the hedgehog costume that we promised. Surprisingly, it wasn't the only one. Why not dress up your small pal like a lobster and take a group shot during the event with the entire crew? Just watch out that they won't be confused for the genuine deal!


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We hope this list of the top nine pet costumes helped you narrow your options. We fully support you dressing up your dog, cat, bird, or any other non-human animal as a fun family pet. We can guarantee you that you will always treasure that memory.