Top 7 Airlines for In-Flight Entertainment

One of the simplest ways to kill time on a flight, if you're like most passengers, is to relax and enjoy a good movie. Alternatively, you can be an anxious traveler who needs to keep yourself busy, or you might have little kids to keep you busy. In any scenario, being aware of which airlines provide the most in-flight entertainment might improve your free time during a lengthy travel.

The entertainment options provided to passengers on aircraft while they are in the air are referred to as "in-flight entertainment" (IFE).

The in-flight entertainment sector is known for its high standards and intense competition. However, the quality of in-flight entertainment that different airlines provide will differ. Ultra-low-cost airlines have historically cut corners on in-flight entertainment to save money, while full-service airlines have always offered the best in this regard. However, this isn't always the case in the present day, which is why we are revealing the top 7 airlines for the best in-flight entertainment.

The diversity of content given by the airline, such as games, music, podcasts, and films instead of just movies, as well as the size and caliber of the screen it is displayed on, may have an impact on how well the in-flight entertainment service is received. Therefore, before you purchase inexpensive plane tickets, review this list of the top 7 airlines offering the finest in-flight entertainment.



Flying with Emirates is no longer a struggle. With over 2500 channels, Emirates offers the greatest in-flight entertainment. On your long journey, you can also watch a range of big-budget movies. You may also be surprised to hear that for the past 13 years, Emirates has been the airline with the greatest entertainment value. You can play limitless games and listen to endless music in addition to watching movies and TV series aboard.

To help you stay in touch with loved ones, Emirates also provides free two-hour text messaging on Facebook Messenger, Viber Chat, WeChat, WhatsApp, and iMessage. After checking in, you can also use 20MB of data for free for two hours.


Qantas Airlines

Qantas Airlines has a great collection of movies and TV series that will keep you and your children entertained for a long time. There's no shortage of Disney movies for kids (and adults too), whether you want to relive a heartfelt nostalgia or are longing to see the newest live-action revision of a cherished animated classic.

By using the airline's free app, travelers can watch a ton of the newest movies and TV shows. You can also dance to your favorite music on Spotify or listen to the newest thriller on Audible. You'll be incredibly entertained by anything you decide to do to kill time, and you might even forget that you're imprisoned for several hours at a height of thousands of feet.


Etihad Airways

The main office of major international airline Etihad Airways is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The airlines provide their customers with excellent options for in-flight entertainment. Pioneer in the business Panasonic Aviation provides Etihad Airways with its in-flight entertainment system. A wide range of entertainment options are available to passengers, such as games, movies, music, and other media. Etihad additionally provides free food and drinks on all flights.


Qatar Airways

Top-notch entertainment is offered to passengers flying with Qatar Airways. All of your favorite movies are available for viewing. Oryx One offers movies, games, TV series, and music. A dedicated section has simple activities that are suitable for children, should you be traveling with young children. Using your device, you can access these services in Qatar too. Downloading the Oryx One Play app from the App Store or Play Store will grant you access to these services before your travel.



Every seat on JetBlue had a TV in the rear, a feature that has helped the airline become well-known. However, the airline started modernizing its facilities in 2019, securing its position as one of the top providers of in-flight entertainment. The airline has started swapping out its old TV displays with better HD ones. They are also producing TV series and podcasts in collaboration with well-known entertainment companies. For anxious passengers in particular, the airline's unique entertainment offering—a meditation session from the screen seat—is a pleasant addition.


Singapore Airlines

Another well-known airline that offers in-flight entertainment is Singapore Airlines. When you're in the air, you won't get bored. You can watch the best movies with the KrisWorld system. A bilingual system with tour guides, shopping information, and even language, business, and cultural lessons is just another amazing feature provided by Singapore Airlines. Another great resource for killing time while you're in the air is in-flight connectivity. If you want to play games, you may also choose this option.


Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic was the pioneer airline to offer in-seat televisions for every class of travel in the 1990s. With its entertainment, the airline continues to climb, placing fourth in Skytrax's 2019 Inflight Entertainment award. Its wide variety of blockbusters, both domestic and foreign, interesting TV programs, and series worth indulging all contribute to this. The airline also offers WiFi in a large portion of its fleet.


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Final Note

With the advancement of technology, numerous airlines are making various investments in in-flight entertainment. Certain airlines allocate resources towards in-seat entertainment, while others invest in streaming entertainment, Wi-Fi, and all of them together.

These are our top choices since some airlines just are better than others; you'll never get tired of flying on any of them.