Top 12 Best Summer Drinks

Summer is in full swing and that means lots and lots of sweating and the dangers of dehydration. There is a good reason why humans sweat in summer.  The summer brings hot weather and depending on where you reside, the heat you are exposed to, may be significant. 

Why Do We Sweat?

Humans are designed to maintain a certain amount of temperate for the body to work perfectly in all weather conditions. But when heat comes, the body tries to normalize the inner temperature by cooling itself and keeping the internal temperate within the acceptable value. The main way our body maintains the ideal temperature is by sweating through a process called thermoregulation.

Thermoregulation is a mechanism by which mammals especially humans maintain their body temperature independent of external temperatures. In the process, water and mineral salts are excreted from the pores of the skin to create a cool scenario for the body to work in as sweat contains water and from the pores of the skin, it leaves the body and quickly evaporated into the shape of vapors. When sweat leaves the skin it carries heat energy that was inside the body, thus making the body cooler and when the body signals the brain that it had cooled down the whole process of sweating is halted.

While sweating has benefits like cooling the temperature of the body for it to work in tougher conditions, sweating also causes the body to lose essential water and mineral salts, both of which are necessary for key functions. Like water is pivotal for the body to carry energy from one place to another, around 70% of our body is contained in water and mineral salts are also important to the human body to create a healthy proportion.

So what should be done to maintain a balance between sweating and not losing too much energy and fluid? The simple answer to that is to drink more water, and stay hydrated, but drinking more water is not helpful, you also need to consume minerals and we have brought the top 12 summer drinks for you to enjoy in the sunny weather which does not only keep you hydrated but also maintains a good balance in salt and water ratio of the body. Let’s explore some of the brands!

To avoid excessive sweating and loss of water and indispensable minerals, hydration is important as hydration means to drink a lot of fluids from time to time whether you are in the house or any other place or outdoors where the sun is pinching every drop of water from your body. People think that drinking only water is enough, but scientists have proven that is not at all right, and drinks and juices should be our priority.

That is why summer drinks are so popular in terms of options of flavors and availability. Smoothies, juices, iced teas, and flavored milk, are considered summer drinks because not only do they quench their thirst but also give you taste and essential minerals, and vitamins. For example, smoothies packed lots of vitamins, minerals, and proteins, because vegetables and fruits are added to them and they help you lose weight, prevent dehydration, aid in digestion, and enhance immunity among others. Juice like lemonade is rich in Vitamin C and it gives you hydration as well as natural anti-oxidants providing antibacterial properties against infections and improving digestion because let’s face it, stomach ache is real and happens very often in the summertime.

12 Best Summer Drinks Brand

1.  Tusol:


Ever heard of smoothies? Well, you might have or not have. Smoothie is a beverage of ingredients that are pureed together. It has a liquid base of milk, yogurt, ice cream, or even cheese, and other can be mixed with other ingredients such as fruits, vegetables whey powder, and other items making them fruity summer drinks. Taking smoothies affects the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet as well as fiber which reduces the chances of chronic disease. TUSOL was built just for that as they offer bespoke smoothie and latte options for the masses. Their ingredients are one of the finest and purest chosen after intense research.  Maqui, Baobab, Cacao, Lion’s Mane, Matcha, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, and other healthy ingredients go into the making of TUSOL’s smoothies and you can also choose the liquid that blends with these choices.


2.  Blendtopia:

Who knows Dieting can be so flavorful? With Blendtopia you have the freedom to choose your favorite type of ingredients that can go well with the smoothie and can also have the best experience when it comes to healthy nutrition without losing taste. Blendtopia was founded as the result of the founder’s friend battling cancer and the need for the best nutritional drinks to help fight that. Blendtopia also gives you the choice to curate your own set of subscription boxes where different mixtures of flavors will be delivered to you free as their products are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO.



3.  We Are The New Farmers:

While there can be endless combinations of smoothies with lots and lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and others, there is one thing that gives uniqueness and quite amazing flavor to an already amazing smoothie and that is Spirulina. Spirulina is an alga taken from waters and is found abundantly in fresh lakes in Africa and North America. While only thick as 3-5 pieces of paper, Spirulina is packed with proteins and anti-oxidants among others as well. So We Are The New Farmers have taken the amazing properties of Spirulina and packed it to form a cube that can blend into a smoothie to provide rich flavor and enhances the health benefits of smoothies making them fresh summer drinks.



4.  Drink Day One:

Sometimes just consuming water is not enough for the day especially if you are an athlete who is constantly on the move. Water is good for health but it does not contain that much amount of minerals, proteins, and nutrients that one needs for the day. That is where Drink Day One comes in and they offer sparkling CBD water as refreshing summer drinks which instantly revive your energy and give you a sense of motivation and athleticism.




5.  Glukos Energy:

One and go and don’t have time to make a drink for yourself. Revive your energy within minutes from the products of Glukos Energy. Glukos Energy has liquid gel and fruit punch chewing tablets. Both of these products are rich in glucose as well electrolytes and natural products with no junk not even any kind of fructose or sucrose.



6.  Livwell:

Livwell Summer drinks

Protein reduces appetite and hunger levels, increases muscle mass and strength, boosts metabolism, and increases fat burning, good for weight loss and blood pressure and kidney making it vital for everyday consumption. For this LIVWELL has come up with plant-based protein solutions to help you consume protein in a tasty way. Their protein powders give you ideal summer drinks recipes to be mixed with any fluid you like water, milk, yogurt, or others making it customizable.




7.  Lemon Kind:

Lemon Kind provides good summer drinks that are easily approachable. You won’t be dehydrated as their drinks provide instant energy, and flavor and are full of nutrients for the healthy functioning of the body. Lemon kind has Aronia Berry Lemonade, Avocado Pineapple Wheatgrass juice, Blueberry Cinnamon Chia Juice, Mango Peppermint Green Tea juice, and a lot more.




8.  Cocktail Crates:

What is better to end your exhaustive day and enjoy the night than with juices and drinks. Partying and gathering with friends will always feel empty without the drinks and Cocktail Crates is here to help you as they have one of the best summer drinks that you can find. From Espresso Martini to Bloody Mary and Old Fashion Cocktail gift boxes, you are sure to have a blast.



9.  Bimble:

Bimble summer drinks

It’s summertime and people tend to do barbeque, late-night parties, and gatherings. Drinks are an essential part of the evening and sparkling drinks are the way to go. Bimble has you covered with their CBD-infused sparkling beverages in unique yet powerful flavors that will surely leave you wanting more. Only the good stuff is added with transparency with a light amount of honey and turbocharged with hemp to give you benefits of health and fitness along with a fun taste.




10.  Shrubbly:

Everyone is drinking juices and drinks with different flavors and tastes but one distinctive company is providing a unique blend of spices, fruits, and apple cider vinegar to create a whole new kick and feel and that is Shrubby. When there was no refrigerator available to the public, people use to smash fruits and mix them in apple cider vinegar and spices to create something good. That got Shrubbly to create their drinks alongside sparkling water. Try their refreshing summer drinks and enjoy the windy days.



11.  Hello Water:

Drinking water helps you become more active, productive, and healthy along the way. As the summer is at its peak drinking lots and lots of water is necessary but only water consumption is not enough today. You see, water has a low amount of nutrients, and hello water is here to change that by infusing soluble fiber in the water to increase the number of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients so that water becomes more enjoyable and healthy. Hello Water doesn’t contain any artificial flavor or sweetener and is a great way of losing weight and maintaining a healthy body.



12.  Psychedelic Water:

Psychedelic Water summer drinks

Who knew drugs can be effective and hangover free when combined with drinks and juices in a certain amount legally. Psychedelic Water aims to change the perception around drug consumption is the first legal Psychedelic brand that is fueled by creators, athletes, and jolly people. Psychedelic Water the advantages of psychedelics such as motivation, feeling good emotions, sleep, and satisfaction. This may very well be one of the best summer drinks that you can find.



Summer brings along the danger of losing precious body vitals as well dehydration is water consumption at its peak with the advantage of cooling and maintaining body temperature. You have to bear the consequences of not having to drink enough water which is quite scary but it is not at all enough for the body to smoothly run its operation. That is why we have curated the top 12 summer drinks brands for you to explore on your own according to taste, preference, and the type of ingredients used. From smoothies to drinks and juices, to glucose gel liquids, CBD-infused water, cocktails, and unique Psychedelic Water to choose from, you’ll be able to control the hydration as well as be able to gain more and more energy.