PIQO The Most Powerful Portable Mini Projector

Projectors are useful devices when it comes to movie nights, business meetings, and school projects, etc. They make the moment extra special and better, Not to forget all the gamers and how important a projector is for their social gathering and gaming nights.

When it comes to projectors, mini projectors are all the more convenient and better. So, what we are getting into is that, it’s a great news day for all the movie fans and gamers out there! Because Reecoupons is offering discount codes and promo codes on the PIQO projector, and if you don’t know what we are talking about, don’t worry! We’ll give you a guide to make you fully understand what you’re stepping into.
PIQO Coupons

Now PIQO, like its name, is a small, innovative project, and the idea that will help bring entertainment everywhere you go. This is the most useful, and not to forget the cutest device ever! And it’s a solution to all the problems out there! (Okay, not all), but it sure is a solution for all the game nights with your friends and movie dates with your loved ones. It’s also quite useful when it comes to school projects, and also you can bring it as a backup to office meetings so that you’re meeting would go undisturbed.

The projector is literally smaller than the size of a palm of a hand unless you have small hands (not that we are judging), in which case it will fit right in your hands. Also, considering its size, you might think that it won’t be good quality, but you couldn’t be more wrong! The quality of this projector is the finest of all and it has the features of a bigger size projector. PIQO is called the most powerful mini projector because it totally beats all the other mini projectors of the market, by its lumens, resolution, battery duration, speakers and much more.


The creator of PIQO gained experience of a lifetime in entertainment technology space and thought that people deserved a better quality in life, later then he created the idea of PIQO, a next-generation high-quality on-the-go entertainment. After the fundraising campaigns and numerous bakers supporting the idea, the PIQO finally was made, and to-date, it’s their only exclusive item.

PIQO offers you 1080p resolution, which is comparatively higher, and better than what other mini projector offers. Also, the brightness level is measured by the true brightness range scale. So, according to the American National Standard Institute, its brightness range is 200 lumens. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to let you enjoy your movies, whether it’s day or night.

The device is very simple and easy to navigate. It’s is powered by Android, and it’s universally compatible. So you can easily connect your IOS, Mac, and Windows systems and devices with it. It also supports Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and hundreds of other apps, along with the Android Play Store, and is connected to millions of Play Store apps. You can enjoy your favorite Play Store games as well. With PIQO coupon codes at Reecoupons, you can buy PIQO at a low price and enjoy all of these amazing features that it offers.

PIQO comes with an HDMI cable and a remote that allows you to navigate the device. PIQO also has a touch control pad on the top, so you can easily operate the device from there as well. Moreover, it comes with a tripod to help you position the projector, in whichever way you like. Also, it’s installed with gravity sensors, which automatically adjusts the screen. The battery of this mini projector is very reliable. It charges fast and doesn’t drain, and you get 5 hours of video playtime and 50 hours of music playtime (very impressive for such a small device, right?)

Since this little guy is offering so much in such a compact design, the cost of this highly-innovative mini projector is worth all the bucks, however, if the price is high for you then don’t worry, because Reecoupons is offering many PIQO promo codes and coupons 2020, starting now. Get access to PIQO coupon CNY20, and enjoy 20% off discount and free shipping as well. You can also apply the 45% discount code from the Reecoupons PIQOcoupons page, including many other deals and promo codes.

Don’t miss out on the offer, because the time is limited. If you need convincing, then here is some more. PIQO is lightweight, which makes it portable; on top of that, it’s a pocket-size, which is why you can easily carry it around with you. You can travel with it and enjoy your movies on a bigger screen, anywhere!. What’s more, is that it’s wireless, and can be connected to any device through Bluetooth. It has a built-in Hi-Fi speaker, which produces a good quality voice. But you can also connect to headset or speakers through aux-in. On top of that, it has a built-in storage of 16 GB and can be played offline as well.

PIQO comes with its own set of accessories, you can buy extra accessories from their official website and very low prices, anytime. It’s a perfect choice for people who can’t live without their media high. So what more do you want? Hurry up now and get the best PIQO coupons at Reecoupons, before the offer runs out.