Why Students Procrastinate? What are the reasons? Ways to Avoid them In High Schools

Procrastinate is something that people have at least a little experience with. No matter how you are committed to the work and organized very well.  You can refer this to avoiding doing something that must need to do on time. The excess Procrastinate can be the cause of anxiety and poor performance, if the given tasks are not completed within the sufficient timeframe and require more to do it well. For instance, a person wants to do shopping online but gives an excuse is related to the Procrastinate. Back to school coupons are suggested for the student shopping need to schedule everything at the right time for the proper planning of the studies.

Why do students Procrastinate?

There are countless reasons for the student procrastination during the studies in the school, why now, just isn’t the right time, scheduled learning planning by tomorrow, too busy and lots more excuses. The occasional reasons are valid, but more than often is simply excused for doing a school project, experiencing discomfort in making the changes in high school. Actually, students are often putting off more value on what is happening today then what will happen tomorrow. As well, It ’s just not because of the student lazy and doesn’t want to the work on the time, it’s because the particular student has bad work habit, for their studies goal. In short, excess procrastination can create interference between the school, and personal success of the student.

Major Reasons of students Procrastinate

  1. Lack of Motivation
  2. Lack of understanding and trouble concentration
  3. Low self- confidence
  4. Poor organizational skills
  5. Fear of Failure
  6. Perfectionism

Effects of Procrastination on Students & Their School Work

Procrastination can have a negative impact on the school work and studies goals of the student. Any student, who Procrastinate actually experiences some serious issues like the frustration, self-esteem, anxiety, depression and more. It even creates a bigger impact on the high school students because they reach back to school to start the new academic year in high school and instantly received the more assignment task for the home along with the large projects. Procrastinate students can face the anxiety and frustration until the last minute tend to be lower graded results at the end.

The effects of Procrastination are unfavorable for the students and create the causes of failure because of low self-confidence. It can be difficult to overcome but not impossible for any student. The best way to start studying with the best possible opportunities, so they easily avoid extra stress and frustration during the high school studies.  Moreover, Students may be able to avoid the bad effects of the Procrastination through great motivation and self-confidence attitude. For instance, a student with the fixed mindset believes that there does n’t take hard effort for successful online shopping with Walmart coupons for the school clothing needs, that behavior just comes naturally, but the mix mindset to lead the bad causes and frustration only. To avoid this bad situation of the student, the teacher has to need to grow the ability and make possible changes through the best learning procedure.

How Can Student learn to avoid Procrastination in High School?

How both teachers and parents help the student to successfully beat the lure of Procrastination? To start being more productive, you have to need to take the rights steps with great planning to avoid or stop procrastination in an easy way. Check out the given- below suggestions that lead the academic goal in the high school rather than procrastination.

Break the Projects into Small Tasks For Students

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The bigger the project, the more rapidly it can overwhelm for the students. Breaking down the project into the small manageable parts such as research, writing, and editing is quite useful to avoid procrastination. Through this manageable project and concise steps, the student takes every step immediately for completing their tasks without delayed more. It obviously boosts the time management skills to make a strong personal identity in the school. As well, you can easily track the progress of the future better planning and goals. Once they complete their tasks, give the reward like spend time with the friends, movie out, and eat the special and mouth-watering dish.  You should use this suggestion, it actually works, to motivate the students, and avoid frustration during the learning progress.

 Make the project interesting & Meaningful

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Consider the interest of these types of students, and suggesting projects that will boost motivation automatically. Relate to the subject projects that are a bit more interesting and not distracting during the studies. Teachers should need to design the projects and assignments related studies that can lower down the amount of procrastination. We recommend you using real and realistic projects that developed the professional skills because of the personal relevance. After that, you can suggest the topic of the assignments that are beneficial for the studies of the particular subject. You can also add the steps of encouragement with the written remarks on the projects, so they were always motivated to get started.

Build up confidence in students

Building up the high confidence level is very important and crucial step to avoid the problem the procrastination in the high school students.  Most of the students are procrastinate because they are afraid to think and work as per the expectations. Enhancing the student confidence for putting up the best effort in the studies can actually supportive to develop the positive impact with achievements for the upgraded progress. You can also encourage them to find the studies buddies for developing the positive attitude and take control back in your confidence for the remarkable experience of learning and goals.  This simple exercise that will avail the real outcomes without any disturbance and anxiety.

 Make a perfect motivational & Proper study Plan

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A proper study plan goal without the motivation and deadline can always boost indefinite results with the frustration of procrastination. Fear of failure and perfectionism can be lead in this situation in many students in the high school studies. For helping those students,  set the clear and realistic learning strategies for the students, so they try to cover your expectations and tracking the progress with great concentration. You should convince the students that It’s over to get low marks sometimes, but continuously make a bad impact on your future goals.  The proper study plan doesn’t mean they have no time to make fun with friends and other activities. You just remind them to enjoy the sense of accomplishment when you have completed the task quickly as possible. Through this strategy, you can do your best for the future progress of your students and that’s enough.

Build Accountability

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Build accountability is simply a straightforward way to clearly inform the student about the educational aspects and the importance. The worth getting accountability surely gives you better results to stop procrastination. Set up the time to do studies regularly and guide them with the ways how you can help them for the accomplishment of the task. You can also remind them about the past learning progress that will also give motivation to again boost the confidence and the energy for their educational goals. As well, set up the reward system to celebrate the progress. Whether it’s activity with the friends or plan treat for them, make something that creat positive effect on the progress.

Avoid Harness Fear

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Harness fear is the powerful emotions that control the mind and keep stuck with the excuses. If the students don’t want to do anything with focus, the harness can be lead causes of it. Encourage those students to write about how they feel from a year now and what change will want to make progress in the studies. It helping students to reduce the fear and developed a habit of perfect project planning and time management skills.

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