Halloween is coming closer and closer, and there are so many things that need to be done! But worry not! With the right ideas and the right place to shop, you can get everything done when Halloween arrives.

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Now we all know that Halloween is going to be much more different this year. There are many things that we won’t be doing. However, one thing you can’t skip on is making the right kind of Halloween snacks for kids and families. Our team took the courtesy of finding the simplest Halloween food ideas. These ideas aren’t such a drag, and it’ll be perfect for celebrating Halloween in this pandemic!

  • Pumpkin sushi rice balls
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These pumpkin sushi roll balls are a perfect dish for your elegant Halloween appetizer ideas. They are also super easy to make. All you need is:

  • salmon
  • rice
  • seaweed sheet
  • some crunchy cucumber cut into cubes
  • Soy sauce for dipping

Make the rice balls as you would traditionally do by covering the cucumber cubes with rice. Cut the seaweed sheet into different eyes and mouth shapes. Smoke the salmon and assemble everything like shown in the above picture, and voila! Your spooky yet elegant pumpkin sushi roll balls are ready!

  • Bite-Size Eyeballs

Eyeballs are a classic theme to go with when you are thinking of making snacks for Halloween. These bite-size eyeballs are yet another simple Halloween snack we found on the internet. The ingredients you need are:

  • Unsalted Butter
  • All-purpose flour
  • Large eggs
  • Guryère cheese
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Sriracha & Cream Cheese for decoration

Cook the batter first in a saucepan with butter and flour. Add the egg into the batter, add salt and cheese in the end. Bake the mixture in the preheated oven and let it turn into brown and crunchy puffs. Decorate them with some cheese, cucumbers, and olives. Use the Sriracha sauce for making the veins. 

  • Monster Pizza Bites
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When you look for simple Halloween snack ideas, you will definitely find these monster pizza bites on the list because they are a perfect Halloween classic. You can buy the ingredients for these in the food stores at Reecoupons. What you need is:

  • Pizza dough
  • Pizza sauce
  • Cheese
  • Olives

Spread out the dough and cut them into circles. Put the sauce and the cheese and bake the bites in the preheated oven. Decorate with olives however you like. You can cut the olives in spider shapes, or you can decorate it like eyes. If you are super lazy like us and don’t want to go to such an extent, then you can always buy frozen pizza bites, and half of your work is done!

  • Cheesy Spiders
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You can’t find anything spookier yet simple Halloween snack ideas than these cheese spiders. They might be a little nasty to look at, but they taste quite delightful. Here is what you need:

  • cream cheese
  • Black paste food coloring
  • chow mein noodles
  • shredded cheese
  • round rice crunch crackers

Mix some of the cream cheese and black tint in a bag and put it aside. Take the remaining cheese and mix it with a quarter of the packaged shredded cheese. Beat it until blended perfectly. Roll the remaining shredded cheese into balls and cover it with the previously made cheese paste. Put the ball on the cracker and insert chow mein models as legs. Make the eyes with the cheese and black tint picture you made earlier.

  • Bloody Red Velvet Cupcakes
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Spooky cupcakes are another classic for Halloween. People often just go with making simple cupcakes and then decorate them in various creative ways. We really loved these bloody red velvet cupcakes and wanted to share it with you guys. So, here’s what you need:

  • Cupcake mix
  • Red food gel dye
  • Cream cheese softened
  • Powder sugar
  • Butter
  • Vanilla extract
  • Granulated sugar, water, and corn syrup for the glass shard
  • light corn syrup
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder

Make the red velvet cupcakes and the cream cheese frosting like how you normally would. Boil the granulated sugar, water, and corn syrup until it shows 300 degrees on a candy thermometer. Let it cool down in a pan and later use it as the glass shards. For the blood, use the red gel dye mixed with a little cocoa powder and drizzle it on the cupcakes. A perfect side piece for your Halloween table setting!

  • Halloween Oreo Pops
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Making these oreo pops is not only extremely easy, but it’s also quite a lot of fun. It also makes the perfect Halloween snack for kids. All you need is:

  • Oreos
  • Candy coating
  • Chocolate dip
  • Sprinkles (of any kind)

You can be as creative with these oreo pops as you like. Just simply take a bunch of oreo (whatever amount you prefer having) secure the pop sticks inside the Oreos with candy coating. Secure the sticks properly before moving to the next step. Dip some of the Oreos in candy coating and the rest in the chocolate dip. Go with the classic spider web design or sprinkle candies or different pieces of confectionery, whatever you prefer.

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  • Skeleton Meat & Cheese Platter

If you are looking for Halloween platter ideas for couples or parties, then this meat and cheese skeleton platter is something you might be interested in. All you need is:

  • Salami
  • Prosciutto
  • Crackers
  • Curated Meat
  • Cheese (whichever sort you like)
  • Bread
  • Olives
  • Fruits (if you want)

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