Select Healthy and easy-made Lunch ideas For Back to School kids

Every mother was determined to pack healthy, nutritious lunch for kids. But, you know that actions speak louder than words, the task, especially for the kids are not as simple as seemed. Kids ever want to eat something delicious for their school lunch, but don’t want to fill lunch boxes with sugar, only pack easy food for them. Here, we share some easy to make and healthy recipes for back to school kid’s lunch that they will love every time.

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Recipe: Peanut Butter Banana Roll

Spread peanut butter on a wheat wrap; add bacon and drizzles with honey. Place banana slices on the whole wheat wrap, and then gently roll in in a cylindrical shape and rolls. It’s easy to make in a few minutes and kids liked much because of delicious taste.

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Recipe: Veggie Sandwich

First spread the avocado mixture over the toasted slice of bread. Arrange lettuce over it and top with cucumber and sprouts. After that, spread goat cheese over the top side and close sandwiches. It’s really a tasty, colorful and healthy meal for the kid’s lunch.

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Recipe: Fruity Sticks

Choose favorite seasonal fruits of your kids like strawberries, mangoes and whatever other that kids enjoy and don’t easily brown. Make a layer of all selected fruits on the stick. It’s the best recipe for the school kids if you prefer to make lunch box with a healthy food & drinks.

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Recipe: Instant Berry Yogurt

In short, blend frozen berries, yogurt, honey or syrup in the food processor until it comes together to a smooth texture. Kids much liked the fruity flavored yogurts in a school lunch, easy to prepare in a few minutes in the early morning period.

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Recipe: Egg Salad Wrap

It’s an another most delicious recipe for the school lunch. Chopped hard boil eggs and bell peppers tossed in vinaigrette, spread it in a whole wheat wrap and roll it gently.  The egg salad Wrap is filled with healthy and nutritious ingredients that’s why best for the health of kids. You can easily serve these wraps in a school lunch.

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You can also select multiple types of fruits, snacks, fish crackers and other items for your kid school lunch. In this lunch box, we add slices of cucumber, juicy grapes and strawberries, snacks and a bread slice sandwich. It’s a superior customized meal and full of protein packed for every kid.

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Recipe : Mini Pancake Kabobs

Prepare a soft and thick pancake batter and cooked in a mini pancake shape on the pan for about minutes on each side until browned.  Spread nutella on the pancake bites and layered with the combination of strawberries and bananas onto the kabob skewers.  You must try it for school lunch, It’s all time favorite of kids.

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Recipe: Chicken Taco Salad Jar

If you are thinking about protein filled lunch meal than Chicken Taco Salad Jar is a right and healthy meal for your kids.  Whisk together all dressing ingredients in the small bowl in an equal amount of quantity and placed into the bottom of the jar. You can use the layering of ingredients in the following order: chicken, black beans, corn, cheese, tomato, and lettuce. Refrigerate it until ready to serve.

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Recipe: Pasta Salad

Boiled pasta in plenty of water and add corn, carrot, and broccoli, allow cooking another few minutes until broccoli turns bright green. Drain well all the ingredients and mix olive oil with salt and pepper to taste. You can add different variations of the salad that your child enjoys most.