Women around the world have fought for equal rights for centuries. While the 21st century has arrived, women still face many hardships in day-to-day lives. Nonetheless, women have fought, earned rights, had their voices heard, and made this world a far better place for women than it was centuries ago.

International Women’s Day is the day when women, no matter which ethnicity they belong to or what community they come from, raise their voices together once again for the world to hear! It is the day when we remind ourselves and the world that it’s us who run the world, and we can overcome any obstacle the world throws at us!

On International Women’s Day 2021, Reecoupons encourages every woman to take a pledge this year of taking care of herself first. In the constant efforts of lifting each other, we often neglect ourselves. This year, however, choose to take care of yourself first. Love yourself and invest in yourself.

The team of Reecoupons curated a list of health and wellbeing products that might cater to your needs in one way or another. Here are 8 useful products to buy with the active International Women’s Day discounts we offer at Reecoupons!

  1. All Purpose Salve By Wise Woman Herbals

We need a little something that will take care of all of our pain and itchiness right away. This All-Purpose Salve By Wise Woman Herbals is precisely like that! It’s a botanical salve made of pure herbal ingredients. It helps get rid of minor irritations and softens chapped or callused skin.

Wise Woman Herbals is an industry-leading company that strives to make products that are helpful for women in their daily lives. This all-purpose salve is one of their exemplary products.

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  • Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath By Onsen Secret

Japan is famous for its mineral spring baths! While you can’t go to Japan to enjoy such a luxurious bath, you can bring luxury to yourself by purchasing this Onsen Secret Japanese Hot Spring Mineral Bath. A 15-minute bath with this product, and feel your body release all of its tensions.

Onsen Secret has several amazing beauty and well-being products. This Japanese Spring Mineral Bath is one of their best products. It’s made of ingredients that will help you instantly relax and detox your mind, body, and soul.

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  • Beauty Box By COCOTIQUE

Invest in a self-care beauty box by Cocotique on this Women’s Day and treat yourself to some high-quality, feel-good beauty products! Cocotique is a beauty brand for women. They are one of those brands that strive to make women feel more beautiful and bold.

Subscribe to their beauty box and treat yourself to a monthly box filled with goodies that will remind you that self-care is the most important thing ever! They add different products each time. It’s an element of surprise that will make things more exciting!

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  • Lavender & Shea Butter Moisture Shave By Pure Formulas

Shaving often costs us cuts and bruises everywhere on our body, which quite frankly is not ideal as they leave marks. However, shaving is the easiest option to get rid of body hair. While you can’t stop shaving, you can invest in products that will cause fewer cuts and lesser skin damage.

This Lavender & Shea Butter Moisture Shave by Kiss My Face is a very helpful product. It’s formulated with various natural ingredients, which will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky after every shave!

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  • Valerian Forte By Blackmores

We all deserve a peaceful night’s sleep, but we often get to enjoy it due to the daily stresses and anxieties that life has given us. This International Women’s Day 2021, invest in your sleep by buying Valerian Forte sleep enhancement supplement by Blackmores.

Blackmores is a famous herbal medicine brand that is famous for its expansive range of healthcare products for men and women. Valerian Forte is an herbal supplement that will fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed!

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  • Intimate Health Kit By Love Wellness

Love Wellness is a renowned company that is solely dedicated to making women’s well-being products. We personally love their intimacy health kit, which is a round-up of all the necessary items a woman can need to keep her intimate life in check.

This Intimate Health Kit includes their famous vaginal suppository The Killer, a pH balancing cleanser for genital care, a clean lube for the vagina, and their Do It All wipes.

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