How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer Throughout the Day

All year long, we admire a good scent, whether it's something light and airy like citrus or something a little stronger. However, getting any perfume to stand for more than a few hours is tough, regardless of the scentful family of your typical fragrance. It's uncommon that you can still smell it at noon, no matter how much you spray on in the morning.


Seek for a Fragrance with a High Perfume Oil Concentration

Perfume oils are found in larger concentrations in scents labeled as “extrait de parfum” (aka parfum) or an eau de parfum (typically labeled EDP on the bottle).

For example, compared to parfums and EDPs, eau de toilettes typically have a milder aroma, a less complex scent profile, and a shorter wear time. Certain perfumes are available in EDP and a milder version called eau de toilette.


Observe the Notes in Your Fragrance

The term "volatility" refers to a scent note's ability to disperse quickly. Certain notes are richer and persist longer than others by nature. The fragrances that evaporate the fastest are citrus, green, and aquatic notes; woods, musks, amber, and spice notes, on the other hand, have a naturally longer duration. It's also helpful to know that base notes persist longer, while top notes evaporate the fastest when chosen by perfumers.

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Don’t Spray a Cloud and Walk Into It

The first thing to get rid of in your scent routine is improper application, as the lifetime of a perfume is determined by how it is applied. Avoid walking in a fragrant cloud when wearing clothing. That is the least productive action you can take.

Apply your scent directly to your skin and treat it like a step in your skincare routine. In addition to its natural oils, your skin's heat allows a fragrance to penetrate far deeper into its life cycle.


Moisturize Before Using

As you most likely already apply body lotion after taking a shower, apply your fragrance at this time as well. Apply your perfume as soon as you step out of the shower, while your skin is still damp, as moisture extends the longevity of the fragrance. Remember to use lotion as well, as dry skin can retain perfume aroma molecules less than moistened skin.

If the secondary products for your favorite scent are available, start in the shower with the shower gel that goes with it, pat dry, apply the lotion or cream to damp skin, and end with a splash of your fragrance. To prevent your clothes from removing the scent from your skin, always let your skin dry before dressing.


Keep Focus on Applying on Your Pulse Points

This is probably not a new tip to you; it's just that it works. Apply it directly to your pulse points, such as your wrists, neck, heart, and even behind your ears, for a long-lasting scent. Since these are the portions of your skin where it is thinnest, they generate more heat, which aids in the scent's upward diffusion. Furthermore, we advise applying your perfume to the backs of your ankles and knees. Fragrance lasts longer when applied lower because it rises.

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Apply the Unscented Lip Balm Technique

Before applying your fragrance in target areas, try dabbing unscented lip balm over the wrists and neck. The balm's waxy texture will raise your body temperature while fusing the scent into your skin. Because it helps keep skin from absorbing the fragrance too rapidly, this is also an excellent touch-up technique during the day. The aroma will be milder and more seductive rather than overpowering.


Do Not Rub Your Wrists against Each Other

Although it can seem natural to rub your wrists together after spraying on some perfume, we advise against it. The molecules of the scent are harmed by this friction, which also accelerates their breakdown.


Apply Fragrance on Your Hairbrush, Not Your Hair

Apply a small amount of your scent to your hair brush rather than straight onto your hair. Because the majority of the perfume will evaporate on the brush, leaving only the fragrance oils, this will shield your hair from the drying alcohol in the scent. If you apply fragrance appropriately, you might even detect certain notes that you haven't previously had the pleasure of smelling.


Fight the Need to Overspray

Although applying a thick layer of perfume to yourself may seem like a reliable way to have a scent that lasts longer, we warn you that this approach will simply make you and others around you feel overpowered and will not contribute to longevity. Nothing compares to how a fragrance becomes especially your own when it comes to your skin.

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Apply a Last Spray to Your Clothes

Once the fragrance is on your skin, we advise putting a little bit more on your clothing as well. Ever taken out the scarf you wore several months ago and seen that the scent is still present? Fabrics retain scent and the memories you made of wearing them for a longer period.


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Fundamentally, perfume ages when it comes into contact with air, heat, and sunshine. This process can accelerate if the formula contains a sufficient amount of alcohol and stabilizers to maintain the perfume's freshness. To get the most out of your fragrance, store it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, and always top off the fragrance when you're done with the spray.