The world belongs to two types of people, one that is all snuggly and cheesy during valentine’s day, and the other kind (you’ve guessed it right!) is the non-cheesy one, that hates valentine day, red roses, teddy bears and basically everything related to it. And if you belong to the latter type, we totally understand your problem. You want to express love but not in a corny way, and you have no idea what to get that perfectly suits your style. Well, worry not! we ‘ve got you covered.

We have come up with a list of gift ideas that will perfectly go with your taste and will also be a good Valentine’s Day gift (or maybe not), but you definitely won’t find anything cringe-worthy in this blog (except, maybe the above image).

  • Personalized Wallets

Personalized Wallets

Personalized wallets are a great gift idea, valentine’s day or otherwise. It shows care and consideration but definitely not in a cheesy way. More importantly, it can be given to both him and her, and on top of that, it’s useful. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting up from your couch. Just order the wallet at Cabanyco, as they make the perfect and good-quality wallets. And if you’re worried about putting a strain on your own wallet, don’t be. Because Cabanyco discount codes and promo codes for 2020 are available at Reecoupons. So there you go! (told you we’ve got you covered).

  • Skull Charmskull charm at reecoupons

This rose gold skull charm is called romance forever, and it’s the perfect representation of love for non-cheesy lovers. Also, it makes one of the coolest gifts ever, and it’s unisex! So you can totally gift it to your husband as well (or maybe not). Gnoce has a wide range of other super cool jewelry items like these which you can choose from, including skull necklaces, snake earrings, and much more! On top of that, you can find them in black color as well. Super tempting right? Oh! and the good news is that Reecoupons have gathered up a bunch of 2020 discount deals for Gnoce, and many promo codes, so now you can binge shop and not worry about the budget.

  • Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask at reecoupons

Why don’t you express your love by telling your partner that their sleep matters? Not a bad idea at all, and doing this will surely score you some points. This sleep mask by GoSleep comes with a neck pillow as well. It’s basically a travel pack. The mask has knots that you tie around the pillow so you won’t keep dropping your head like a zombie with a broken neck. It’s a perfect gift for someone you dearly love and care about (in a totally non-cheesy way). What’s more is that (as we’ve probably mentioned a thousand times) you can it on discounted price, by applying various coupons and promo deals at

  • Basket Full Of Goodies

happy valentine's! at reecoupons

If your partner is in love with food more than you, then why not put your jealousy aside, and let the love of your life enjoy the love of their life (get it?) This gorgeously looking basket is probably the healthiest gift ever. It makes a beautiful gift and this way you can both enjoy valentines together by watching a movie and binge eating all these goodies. And don’t think we randomly picked this up! It’s specially made for Valentine’s and it’s called love and flower basket, and it comes in both small and large sizes. Just close your eyes and go with this gift right now, because nothing can be less cheesier than this. Choose the GrubMarket promo code and discount offer for this basket at our website.

  • Bulleit Whiskey Glasses

valentines day coupon code at reecoupons

This Bullet WHisky glass is the coolest thing we’ve seen today. And it makes a really good gift for your husband or boyfriend. So why not add a collection of these bullet whiskey glasses to your shelf? They also come in a set of 6 and are manufactured by Lucky Shot. If you’re not a fan of whiskey then don’t worry, Lucky Shot also have bullet wine glasses, as well as shot glasses. So go grab a set for yourself as well before the discount deals run out.

  • Wine Basket

happy valentine's at reecoupons

We found another wine/food basket to put on this list, after all, who doesn’t like drinking wine and eating delicious chocolates? This gorgeous looking basket could be enjoyed by both you and your partner on Valentine’s day unless you don’t like sharing chocolates (which we totally understand). These baskets are made by Gourmet Gift Baskets, and they make many other tempting looking gift baskets (as the name suggests) for their customers. They have all kinds of varieties, and they are too hard to look away from. You can get any gift basket of your liking on low prices, using the Valentine’s Day promo codes 2020 on Reecoupons.

  • Personalized Leather Watch Box

    Personalized Leather Watch Box

Personalized anything is a very considerate gift to give anybody. It’s a very sweet gesture, and Valentine is supposed to be the day of sweet gestures. This personalized leather watch box by A Gift Personalized is an inexpensive gift but comes in good quality. Moreover, if you apply any of our promo codes 2020 as well, you’ll have extra bucks left in your pocket, and you’ll have a chance to buy something for yourself as well. Also, this gift is a great way of keeping that dressing table tidy.

All of the above-mentioned items are not that expensive, also are unisex. So both ladies and gents can take ideas from this list. You can get any of these items at affordable prices, by accessing our discount deals and promo codes for Valentine’s day.