Let’s be real here, every year, we make New Year’s resolutions on New Year’s eve, promising to achieve so many goals or even just one, but we never really stick to them. By the time January ends, most of us even forget about the things we promised to do.

Many of you can agree on this. But don’t feel attacked because studies have shown that less than 8% of the people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions, while the rest make resolutions with high ambitions but never follow them to the end. What is the secret of that 8% of people who stick to their resolutions? Ambition? Determination? Maybe we’ll find out later.

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What Did You Learn From The Year 2020?  

While we can’t say much about all the years before last year, but 2020 was a ball of uncertainty. We did not see it coming, and everyone took different blows from it. And while the year might have ended, the ambiguity of the future has not.

Whatever plans we had for 2020 and the goals we set to achieve all went down the drain, and we were left with the only object to stay as safe as possible for the time being. So, instead of making long-term goals about achieving an ideal body or planning to go on a tour, we should focus on ourselves and our health.

Reecoupons and the team decided to take this year’s resolution chart and turn it into a self-improvement and healthcare chart instead. After all, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life is uncertain, and your health is the most important thing.

Here is a set of goals, or you can say resolutions, that you can follow to ensure that this year is not such a big mess as the last one.

  1. Be Safe & Keep Others Safe

Taking care of your health means you have to be sure that you are staying true to following all the safety precautions you are instructed to observe. That means wearing masks and carrying hand sanitizers wherever you go. Entering 2021 does not mean that the threat of Covid-19 is over. Until you get vaccinated, it is crucial to keep yourself protected from any possible situation that can get you infected. After all, you can keep your loved ones safe if you are safe first.

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  1. Don’t Worry About How You Look, Worry About How You Feel.

The coronavirus pandemic has us all feeling anxious, scared, and worried. While we are going through such hard times, how you look holds little to no significance. It does not mean you end up eating all the junk food and spend your days sitting on a couch. It will make you feel worse. Being productive is the key but only to an extent where you feel mentally at peace.

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  1. Save, Save, & Save!

You have to stop spending and start saving for the future. Quarantining has us going down the rabbit hole and spending all our savings on online shopping. While it’s good to buy things that you can use to utilize your time more productively, it’s definitely not a good option to use your savings on clothes and accessories that you don’t necessarily need. Set up a budget for how much you are going to save by the end of the year. It’s more effective that way.

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  1. Say Thank You, Right There & Then!

2020 has taught us that anything can befall upon us. The sudden outbreak of coronavirus made us realize that we have limited time on this earth with the people we love. So next year, whenever someone does an act that benefits you in some way or makes you feel better, you have to show your appreciation right at the moment. Build this habit of saying thank you to anyone who is a part of your journey that is life.

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  1. Don’t Compromise On The Food, Just Cook It Yourself!

It’s unrealistic to say that you will stop eating junk food or try to eat it less after all, who can resist the cravings for having juicy & cheesy fillet burgers and french fries? We’ve all been there, we’ve all tried, and we’ve all failed. What you can do, however, is try making the food yourself. Avoiding food from outside is also the best way to dodge Covid. It should be the perfect excuse for you to start making delicious food at home. Try to switch to ingredients that you know are healthy.

Cooking your food yourself will automatically make you feel conscious of the number of harmful ingredients you will consume with that food. It’s the best way to bring yourself on track to eating healthy.

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  1. Want To Be Done With COVID? Make Your Surrounding Clean!

Unless we bring some changes in ourselves, we can’t completely get rid of this pandemic. The key to being safe from Covid is to keep ourselves clean and sterilized. We have to apply this to our surroundings as well. Whatever neighborhood you live in, try to keep it clean from debris and dirt. We know that the Covid germs can live on objects for a while. Assuring your neighborhood is clean reduces your chances of catching the germs and spreading them.

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Stop procrastinating and start making changes to make 2021 a better year for yourself. Meanwhile, the team here at Reecoupons will make sure that we scoop up even better coupons and discount offers than we did last year.