Make This Halloween The Most Fun For Your Kids

There are so many things you won’t be able to do this Halloween. Due to the safety precautions you have to take because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many things, including trick or treat, would probably be canceled in the areas where you live. Which is a bummer considering how much kids love Halloween trick or treating.

There are going to be so many other restrictions. For example, you would have to avoid large gatherings and crowded parties. While most of the traditions will take a back seat this Halloween, you can come up with creative ideas to make the best out of this Halloween for your kids. After all, they’ve been through enough this year, and Halloween should at least be full of entertainment and candies.

The team of Reecoupons took a step to round up a few ideas on how you can make this Halloween the most fun and satisfying for your kids. These Halloween activities for kids will surely bring back the magic of Halloween. 



We all love pumpkin carving. It’s one of the long Halloween traditions that is also the essence of this holiday. So prepare some pumpkins to be carved and spice things up a notch by giving your kids a challenge. Put up a price for the one who will chisel his/her pumpkin more creatively. You can choose some easy pumpkin carving ideas and make them a center art piece for your kids to follow as an inspiration.

Some of our favorite ideas are:

  • Pumpkin treat dispenser
  • Pickup truck pumpkin designs
  • Silly witch pumpkin

These ideas are the easiest to follow, and even adults can take part in them! Carving pumpkins has no rules, and you can create whatever you want on the pumpkin at hand. The best way to enjoy this is to let your kids free and see what they make with their pumpkins.

Make This Halloween The Most Fun For Your Kids


All of the kids love arts and craft activities, which is why adding some Halloween crafts to the list of Halloween activities for kids would be a great idea. You can come up with your own fun Halloween craft ideas, or you can choose from some of our recommendations. Your kids will have a spectacular time making cute and spooky Halloween crafts.

Here are some Halloween craft ideas that we find interesting:

  • Spooky Halloween slime 
  • Paper bat or ghost garland
  • Glitters and crayon drip pumpkin decoration

You can use the Halloween crafts you make with your kids as Halloween decoration items as well. Shop the newly added Halloween coupons and deals at Reecoupons, and get discounts on the Halloween supplies you purchase for your Halloween craft activities.



Playing indoor Halloween-themed games would be the perfect activity for Halloween 2020. You can come up with creative Halloween game ideas for kids to keep them occupied. Instead of letting groups of kids play outside, indulge in a series of family games that your kids will love.

Some of the most enjoyable games are:

  • Halloween I Spy Game
  • Poke-a-Pumpkin
  • Halloween Tic Tac Toe

If your kids are bored of the same old Halloween games, you can spice things up a little and arrange a scavenger hunt but with all the COVID safety precautions intact. There are so many more Halloween games for kids that will keep Halloween entertaining and exciting this year.



Baking is one of the most fun activities for Halloween. It’s not only a way to bond with your kids during the holiday, but you can also make some great treats for munching on them later. Even if you are not an expert in baking, there are many easy Halloween baking ideas that you can try out. Even if everything turns out to be a disaster in the end, at the least you and your kids will have a fun time.

Some of the easiest things you can make are:

  • Halloween pops
  • Cookie Bat Cupcakes
  • Caramel Apple

Be as creative as you can be with your Halloween baked goods and have a sweet time with your kids. If you need any baking supplies, you can always use our Halloween deals on food items to save extra cash.



Binge-watching all your favorite Halloween movies with kids and family members is the most memorable and fun thing to do on Halloween. Rent a couple of the all-time best Halloween kids movies, whip up some Halloween-themed popcorn and other goodies, and spend the evening laughing and getting scared along with your favorite characters.

The most iconic Halloween movies are:

  • Hocus Pocus
  • The Addams Family
  • Casper

If your kids would rather watch a movie from their generation, then you can rent movies like Hotel Transylvania, Monster Inc, Goosebumps, and many other top Halloween movies. Having a Halloween movie marathon is the easy and most fun Halloween activity idea.



Keep the tradition alive and boo your favorite neighbors! Booking is one of the most fun activities of Halloween, and it doesn’t require interacting with others, so you’ll be following SOPs nonetheless. All you need to do is, make fun Halloween boo baskets and sneak up to your neighbors and leave the basket at their doorsteps. Let your kids help you in making the most riveting baskets ever. Your kids can assist you in decorating the baskets and help you decide which candy you need to put in there.

Here are some Halloween Boo Basket Ideas that you might like:

  • DIY Pumpkin Basket
  • Faux Pumpkin snack basket
  • Halloween movie night boo basket

This fun little activity will bring some holiday cheer to neighbors’ lives, and you’ll all have a great time together. You will need snacks, Halloween treats, Halloween Booed cards, and other items for the basket, which you can now buy with up to 75% discounts from Reecoupons. Enjoy our newest Halloween coupons whenever you like!

Our Halloween activities ideas for kids will help you turn this Halloween around and make it the best and most memorable Halloween ever!

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