Make Fun With Your Kids Halloween Lunch Box

Halloween is around the corner and times to plan spooky ideas related to costumes, decorations, parties and also Halloween lunch boxes for the kids. The preparation of the lunch boxes along with the creative ideas are very tricky for the mothers, there is essential to focus on healthier inspired ways to rock your kids’ lunch boxes. Many mothers want to make some special enjoyment with kids in the Halloween season, so better to consider creepy and cool ideas for the lunch boxes; it’s really put smiles on their faces. Halloween promo codes and deals are available via simple browsing on our website, which are advantages for buying chocolates, cookies, and candies for the Halloween. We mention here some interesting and healthy lunchbox ideas for kids that are easy to prepare for all Moms.

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LUNCH BOX: Sweet Halloween Owls

It’s an excellent lunch box idea as a special lunchbox treat for your toddlers. Made cheese and ham sandwiches in owl shape, use sugar icing for creating eyes and cheese for the features of the wings. In this box also include yummy fruits (orange and strawberries) and tasty green chocolate bounties cup. It’s  taken only your few minutes in the morning.

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If you considering about making some adventure with the lunchbox of your kid on Halloween, try out this best idea this year. Make small cheese wheels with red food color, cut out heart shape pretzels and stick into these mini wheels to make an exact look of the spider. Add a half piece of pear, some carrots, and biscuits in the lunch box. It seems very interesting and kids enjoy the lunch at school with this creepy crawly adventure. Online shopping for buying food & drinks is very convenient nowadays and the use of Halloween coupons is suitable to buy everything in low price.
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LUNCH BOX: Bed to the Bone

It’s quite easy and easy to make a healthy Halloween lunchbox for your kid. On the boiled eggs make the design of spooky skulls and chopped up carrot sticks for the crossbones. Filled the lunch box with the tasty black beans or black rice and decor it with spooky skill boil eggs with crossbones and add tomatoes.  In this lunch box also include healthy fruits like strawberry, cherries and peach slices. This lunch box makes much fun when your kids eat at the Halloween school parties.

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It’s a creative idea to make a spooky lunch box for kids and their Halloween special with fun.  Write the word “Boo” with the help of toothpicks on the pear and highlighted it with food color. The ghost banana is made with ½ a banana with a chocolate chip eyes. Also, added some snacks and fruits on the lunch box. It’s really looking delicious and healthy for your kids.

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LUNCH BOX: Eye Spy You

It’s a special Halloween lunch box for your kid, they will jump out when sees the look of it and make so much fun. Make a deviled eyeball eggs by using these simple tricks, Use green olives and red bell pepper for making the eyes.Cut out the boiled eggs from the center, set olives and red bell pepper in the center and use the red food color to make the bloodshot eye. Make a thin paste from paprika powder and draw lines by using toothpicks. Cut carrot sticks on a slice shape and use almonds to make hummus nails and set into the Spanish flavor dip for the greeny effects. Kids love to eat oranges, so use this fruit as pumpkin. Also, add your kids’ favorite juice in your lunch box for completing the need of drinks. This lunch box is filled with the healthy recipes and best to make as surprise Halloween lunchbox for your kids.

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