Halloween is still yet to come and people are coming up with crazy yet brilliant ideas on how to celebrate Halloween safely during this pandemic. So, we thought why not share some of these amazing COVID-19 Halloween ideas with our customers as well.

We have already shared some of the interesting costumes and Halloween decorations ideas with you. Halloween is just a few days away, so if you still haven’t decided on any ideas check out our other blogs.

Today, you will find much more interesting Halloween celebration ideas here. After fishing the internet thoroughly, we were surprised and totally impressed by the ideas people came up with for Halloween 2020. Some of these ideas are something you should try out right away, because they are too much fun to miss out on.

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  • Drive-Thru Parade

Going to miss the parade this year? NOT HAPPENING! We saw what the teachers of the Hazelwood School District did, and we were completely dazzled! Their trick-or-treat drive-thru parade brought so many smiles to their student’s faces, which is why it made this list. If you are missing having a Halloween parade, then maybe take inspiration from these teachers and hold your own drive-thru parade in the block?


  • Decorate your car with Halloween balloons, faux pumpkins, and some Halloween props to give it a Halloween look and get it ready for the parade. You can buy all the items at Max Warehouse the 20% off Halloween discount deals.
  • Frontyard Treating

Authorities have strictly restricted residents from having a trick-or-treat this year due to the threat of coronavirus; however, that didn’t stop all the creative mommies from coming up with creative ideas to make this Halloween special for the kids. A Colorado’s mom came up with a brilliant idea of attaching candies to sticks and planting them in the front yard for the trick-or-treat tradition and it honestly brightens everyone’s day.

All you need is buy a bunch of popsicle sticks or any other type of stick that can hold a candy up, attached the candies to one stick each. All that’s left is planting them in your garden and your task is done.


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  • The Candy Slide Trick-Or-Treat

We are living amongst creative and critical thinking minds and that makes us truly proud. Much like Colorado’s mom, this famous Youtube duo came up with yet another great trick-or-treat idea for Halloween 2020. This simple DIY candy slide is truly a fun way to keep the trick-or-treat tradition going.

You can check out their youtube video, which is upon their channel named Wicked Makers, to see the full instructions on how to make this candy slide.


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  • Send Each Other Halloween Baked Goods

Sharing baked goods on Halloween has been a part of Halloween tradition because this holiday is all about the sweets. You might be able to invite your families for dinners and gathering but you can always send them a basket full of Halloween cookies and baked goods and remind them that you remember them on this holiday.

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  • Plan A Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest

We saw that many people were having a virtual pumpkin carving contest and it’s honestly one of the best ideas for Halloween 2020. All you need to do is dress up in your best Halloween costume and come live on a zoom call with your friends. It’s as simple as that, and without risking spreading Covid, y’all will have a good time.


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  • Glow In The Dark Ghost Hunt

Glow in the dark ghost is yet another crazy creation by an amazing Californian mom Ashlee Nicolas. She made sure to keep the spirits of Halloween alive and fun with her astounding idea. You will need a bunch of products for this one but it’s quite easy to make so anyone can make it. Check out the proper instructions of these Glow in the dark ghosts and take part in these exciting hunts.


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Celebrating is good, but you should always remember that COVID-19 is still amongst us and we have to take proper precautions to avoid it from spreading. That is why you need to wear proper masks and keep a sanitizer all the time when you are participating in Halloween activities.

  • Halloween Safety Masks

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Hopefully these ideas will be useful in making your Halloween a much better one. Hurry up, and check out the list of Halloween coupons and promo codes listed on our website. There are still some really good deals left that you can take advantage of.