Start your Halloween decorations by making the best kind of Halloween Wreath. Even if you are deciding to lay low on this year’s Halloween decoration, a Halloween wreath is something you just can’t skip!  To make it easier for you, we thoroughly searched the internet and found some of the best Halloween wreath ideas that might lift your Halloween spirit. Check out the list below!

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  1. Candy Wreath

Candy Wreath hallowen

This candy wreath is not only tempting to look at, but it’s also pretty fun to make. You can also let all your kids participate in making this wreath and turn it into a fun family Halloween activity.

To complete this beautiful creation, you will need tons of candies, a hot glue gun, and a wreath foam. Let your kids decide what kind of candy would go up there and let an adult handle the glue gun. Glue the candy on the foam alternatively and on top of each other to create a colorful wreath. Add any color ribbon you like in the center of the wreath to give it a finishing look.  

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  1. All-Black Ribbon Wreath

Halloween is all about going as dark as you can, and this all-black ribbon wreath is the perfect epitome for doing dark during Halloween.

To make this Halloween wreath, you will need 6-inch-long strip pieces of a 2-inch-wide black grosgrain ribbon. You will need approximately 150 pieces for a 16-inch wreath foam. Start pinning the ribbons in the foam perpendicularly. Put each ribbon on top of the other, forming a symmetrical design and creating a ruffle effect. Attach a black ribbon bow with tail at the end and a witch silhouette craft in the middle of the wreath, and it’s done!

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  1. Skeleton Hand Wreath

Although some might say that this mossy wreath is eerie, we say it’s quite beautiful. There’s something about green leafy and unkempt mossy decorations that give the place a haunted yet enchanting look.

To create this beautiful piece of art, you will need a green wreath form and a great portion of preserved Spanish moss. Use floral wire to tie the moss to the wreath form. Twist it in places equally as to give it a refined and natural look. Add more moss to it with hot glue, so the wire inside is covered. Once the glue is dry, tenderly pull the moss from the bottom to give long drippy tendrils resemblance. Attract the skeleton hand by wiring it to the wreath. Drip the finger into the moss, giving it a more realistic look. 

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  1. Feather & Raven Wreath

Feather & Raven Wreath

Ravens and Feathers are the perfect props for Halloween as they are the literal embodiment of darkness and spookiness. This feather and raven wreath will be a masterpiece to your Halloween decoration.

You will need to buy a grapevine wreath, some artificial feathers, black spray paint, and a fake raven or two (whatever you prefer). Paint the grapevine wreath with black spray paint to give it a dark look. Take any kind of feathers you can find and attach it to the wreath with hot glue. Let it dry, and then tuck the quills of the feathers into the wreath to completely secure it. Attach the faux raven to the wreath using a wire to give it a finishing look.

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  1. Pumpkin & Floral Halloween Wreath

This perfectly balanced Halloween wreath is just the right kind of everything. The yellow, green, and orange colored pumpkins are a perfect representation of the festive season. It’s also less spooky and more elegant, which your neighbors will appreciate!

Buy a styrofoam wreath form from Walmart and a 2-meter long black satin ribbon to cover it. Furthermore, get some green stems, dried-out roses (pine cones, twigs, or anything else would work too), three small gourds or faux pumpkins, artificial flowers, and a hot glue gun. Looking at the above picture, you can undoubtedly assemble the whole thing. If you need proper instructions to guide you, then check the original source of this wreath.

We loved all of the Halloween Wreath ideas in this blog, and we are hoping that you loved them as well! In case you got inspired to decorate your house for Halloween this year, read our newest blog on Halloween decoration ideas.

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