Halloween Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Have a baby shortly after Halloween? Many exceptional ideas are available online for mommy-to-be to make innovative planning for special baby shower parties. How cool it would be if you consider the ongoing Halloween festivities for your baby shower party. It will be really enjoyable for all the guests and for welcoming your little pumpkin. In the current times, the use of Halloween coupons is suitable to buy the party theme décor and special Halloween-type stuff. Here, you can take a look at some funny and cute Halloween baby shower theme ideas that how to honor your favorite soon-to-be mom.

Baby Shower invitation cards

If you really plan a creative and funny Halloween Theme baby shower party, must send the spooky-style Halloween baby shower invitation cards to make fun with all mamas. You can easily buy customized theme Halloween theme cards for the party or create them in a creative style by own self. Like, you can choose the orange color card and décor it with a spider web presentation with little colorful sticky balls.

Baby Shower Cake

How adorable and funny this display cake is for the Halloween-themed baby shower party. This pumpkin baby cake is made with a round ball pancake for the head, a carved cake for the hat, another pumpkin shape cake, and also  2  to 10 mini pumpkin cupcakes to make the presentation more exceptional and beautiful for mommy-to-be. Set that cake with dowels and two dowels going through the head and one to hold the hat in place. Tag this special cake with the cute words Welcome, It’s really seen very nice to everyone. For the cakes, you can choose the styles of belly cake, Veggie tray with pumpkin, part apple cider, and sand witches.

Baby Shower Decoration

If your shower is around the time of Halloween, make a special fun for mom-to-be as well as for all the mommy's guests.  You just plan the Halloween decoration theme with arrangements of little orange boo shirts or Halloween costumes by hanging on a wall in a creative style. Choose the special words for the party presentation with drawings of boos or other Halloween characters. As well, you can use many other ideas like zombie babies, spooky alternate lighting décor, and carved pumpkin baby decorations. So, make plans about baby shower décor with the best Halloween decorations that will give you much more fun at the party.

Baby Shower Pumpkin Lollipops

Add pumpkin Lollipop flavors to your Halloween baby shower theme party for your guests. If you want to add unique style, put these all pumpkin lollipops in a barrel and fill it with candies. You can also choose the ideas like mouth-watering muffins, cake pops, pumpkin pretzels, and more to serve your guests during the party. Along with the sweet candies, you can also add baked pumpkin cookies with a Halloween theme and wrapped each with cellophane bags and tie with small ribbons.

What Are the Best Baby Shower Games?

A Halloween Theme baby shower party is always incomplete if you don’t plan fun activities and exciting games. You can select the games like Halloween Crossword puzzles, naming baby things, painting baby pumpkin faces baby diaper games, and treasure hunt activities.  Your guests really enjoyed the aspects of the party.

So, planned your challenging Halloween theme with these given ideas and organized your baby shower party amazingly full of fun by using Halloween coupons. Which of these given ideas are your favorites?  Let us know in the comment below