Halloween Masks – Make Your Own Mask This Halloween Year

Halloween is a day of fun and everyone wants to enjoy it with the high level of spirit. Whether kids or adults, both thinking about the creative ideas to choose costumes and masks according to the character. It’s just a fun way to spread fun along with happiness that’s promoting the family bonding as well. Halloween masks with creative styles are highly demandable in the current trend for the Halloween parties. At Reecoupons.com, you can select the discounted Halloween coupons to buy the high quality branded masks in the reasonable amount and also best for the money savings. Here, we give you some cool and creative ideas that you design your Halloween mask 2017 own self and seem extraordinary best in the Halloween party.

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Mask Style: Black Cat Mask

The black cat facts are actually related to the Halloween Tradition and consider as a bad luck. The style of Black cat mask is very common and used by many people especially in the Halloween. It’s very simple to design for the Halloween party. Use crepe –paper for designing the features and matching color templates of this mask. Cut off the exact size of cat feature mask, paint front and back side with the black paint color. Glue all crepe paper features on the mask like gold brown above the eye, gray crepe paper over cheeks sides. Orange at the ears and yellow shade cat mustaches. Add elastic to join both sides tightly, it’s ready to wear and make a smart presentation in the Halloween celebration.

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Mask Style: Unicorn Mask

The unicorn mark is truly inspirable and attractive for the Halloween parties because of colorful style and shades. Trace a unicorn template over the leather sheet and cut out the shape of the mask. Soak mask into the hot water to make an exact shape like this picture. After that, place the mask in the oven until it’s dry.  Apply favorite paint color on the mask and feed ribbons through holes. More decorate it by using paint pens or glitter pens as you like it. The ready-made mask collections and Halloween decorative item of renowned online stores are also available at the cheap price rate by using Halloween coupons 2017 on our website.

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Mask Style:  Wolf Mask

There is nothing scary or creepy in the Wolf mask, but definitely look cool and attractive for the Halloween. For this mask, you will need to use 3 shades of felts black, gray, and white. You will also print out the colored wolf template for your mask.  Trace a design of eyes, nose, and face of the wolf and cut off each layer separately and very smoothly. Assemble all the shaped layers carefully and stitched sew around the nose and all the places. Fit the elastic band into both side holes,  now wear this mask and showcase your awesome presentation in the Halloween.

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Mask Style: BAT MASK

These types of Bat Mask for the Halloween are very simple and easy to make for anyone. Use wool felt and trace a similar design of the mask in a batwing style. Fold your favorite color and cut out felt pieces into the double layer and stitch sew according to shape carefully and perfectly. Take an elastic band and tie with the both side holes. These masks are very cool and interesting for the kids seem unique in the Halloween parties.

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Mask Style: Scary Clown Mask

This creepiest clown mask will be best to use in the Halloween to scare your family and friends in the night parties. Trace out the face of a clown over white felts, use bright red paint on the center of the nose. Use a creepy red color paint to make bloody style lips of the joker and black paint around the both eyes.  The wiry green hair wig gives you a complete scary and horror outlook in the Halloween Eve.

So, consider this sharing Halloween masks ideas to seem in a cool Halloween character while going out for a Halloween party.