Halloween Make up ideas - Must Try This Year

The spooky Halloween time of year come again now and everyone puts their time in the planning of Halloween shopping including costume and accessories. Even dust off fancy make up kits For Halloween makes up to achieve inspirational character looks. In the past years, the thought of smearing all makeup stuff all over your face is related to the makeup skills. Thankfully, a lot make up trend is changed in the recent times and varieties of quality products are available in the market with instructional guidance. Nowadays, girls are usually preferred more sweet than scary make up ideas or want to seem like mystical creatures. So, in this Halloween, we suggest some new Halloween make up ideas that you really love about going out to get compliments.

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Spooky ScareCrow

ScareCrow is important Halloween character and seems very scary in the night. In this Halloween, you should try to make look like a cute spooky ScareCrow instead of creepy. Use black lipstick on the lips with cute deep marks, then use dark orange shadow on cheeks and on the nose with the black outline.

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Halloween Reindeer

The Reindeer makeup is simply amazing for the Halloween parties.  You can create a similar look through basic countering and smoky eyes. Apply golden brown shade on the cheeks and blend it. Highlight with black the center of the nose with eyebrow attachment and paint a deer’s nose with black. Use the liquid liner on the upper lid of the eye and sweep thick and heavy line on it. Add white spot over the brown patches.

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Skeleton makeup is probably most demandable and popular on the Halloween eve.  In this makeup, you just need to know how to play with black and white shadows. Use Light shade foundation on the face, outline your eye-sockets with black liquid liner exactly in the same circle shape. Use black shadow to paint on the center part of your nose. Also, shade underneath your jawline and down part of your body with black shade and make curved lined on the both side of the lips. It’s simply an awesome and creative idea, especially for the Halloween. Also,  you can make a visit at Reecoupons.com and use Spirit Halloween coupons for the discounted purchase of similar Halloween costumes.

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Halloween Black Cat

To get the look of dramatic Halloween black cat, cover your upper eyelid with dark black shadow and creasing your eyes with thick black liner and add fake last to draw eyes like a cat. Use bright white shadow on the upper lip sides and make black spots on it. Fill the center part of the nose also with black and brown contrasting shadows. A little bit spooky makeup seems very cute and a lot awesome.

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Pretty Fairy

The pretty fairy makeup is a great and creative idea for the Halloween looks. Simply, choose the pink and yellow glittery shades with clever blending on the face.  Use right and light color matching shades on eyes addition of dramatic lashes and contrasting lip shade, it might be just perfect and cute combination of makeup for this Halloween

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