Living Room Or A Haunted House? Halloween Living Room Decorations

Halloween is the most fun time of the year. It comes on the 31st of October each year, and while this year things might not be the same as last one, you can still do plenty of things to make this Halloween a memorable one.

Decorating your house for Halloween is an important part of this event and many people are very enthusiastic about it. If you are one of those people who starts preparing for Halloween beforehand, so they can have the best Halloween Decoration on the block, we have good news for you! Halloween Coupons at Reecoupons are here to help you shop for anything you need at much lower prices. This means if you shop from our listed Halloween stores, you will get the most affordable rates on the best collection of items! Interested enough? 

Coming back to the main topic, if you have no idea how to decorate your living room for Halloween this year and find yourself lost and overwhelmed, you will find this article useful. We provide you with the simplest tricks to give your living room a Halloween makeover. We also make sure that you spend as little as possible on these decorations.

Best Halloween Living Room Decoration Items

DIY Halloween Crafts

Creating DIY Halloween decorations is a much cheaper and more fun way to celebrate Halloween. Considering the situation of this year, crafting your Halloween decoration might be a better idea for the whole family to come together and enjoy. You can create spooky paper crafts, such as paper bats to spread all across the living room wall, or carve a bunch of pumpkins into weird and eerie shapes to deliver a haunted look. You can also buy a bunch of skulls and decorate them with glitter, flowers, and paints.


Pumpkin Pail Decor

Pumpkin pails can be used for more than just collecting tricks and treats. Buy a bunch of pumpkin pails, paint them with gold paint, and convert them into plant vases. Also, you can go with the old and classic trick and convert them into lamps by adding string lights or transforming them into lamp covers. 


Halloween Tableware

Your coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room, which means you need to put extra focus on that. Get the best Halloween table decoration items from our stores! Add a vase with Eyeball flowers or skull sunflowers to the table, along with wine bottle Candles, branches with crows or you can create a ‘Pick Your Poison’ try by adding a bunch of ghoulish items in it.



Adding floating ghosts to your living room will automatically create a haunted environment. You can try making fake ghosts with some balloons and cheesecloths, or you can use wrapping tapes to create transparent ghosts. You can also use faux pumpkins, cover them with a white cloth, add some lighting, and create cute ghost figures.


Halloween Curtains

Halloween curtains for this season

Living rooms usually have large windows like bay windows, which give you the opportunity to create an interesting focal point. Using bold curtains to dress a bay window will not only add beauty to your home but will also keep chilly drafts at bay. Halloween has become one of the nation's most beloved holidays, and it's not just for the young. Adults are getting into the Halloween spirit more and more each year, and getting really scared is a big part of that tradition! These modern Halloween props are perfect for setting up a spine-chilling scene for your home Halloween display or for use in a Halloween haunted house or spooky alley through Spirit Halloween.


Edible Crafts

Halloween edibles are such a fun way to enjoy Halloween. There are oh so many Halloween edible craft ideas available all over the internet. Our favorites are Blood Drip Cupcakes, Candy Corn Wreath, Witch Finger dips, Bat truffles, Black Chocolate Feathers, Halloween Ginger House, and Worms in Dirt.


Pumpkin Patch

Decorating Halloween pumpkins is a classic, and it’s also so much fun to create. Buy dozens of big and small pumpkins and decorate them however you like! Turn on your creative switch and start decorating using Halloween craft supplies offered in our stores.


Halloween Props

Diy Halloween Props

Halloween is all about spooky diy Halloween Props! You can find a dozen of options to go with when looking for the scariest Halloween props for living rooms. With the Halloween coupon codes and deals at Reecoupons, you can buy the props you like and add an authentic twist to your living room without spending too much on anything.


Couch Pillow Covers

You have to change your couch pillow covers into something scary! You can create your own if you are feeling active and creative. Use our craft supplies of knitting and sewing and let your creativity flow! Otherwise, there are many stores where you can find Halloween couch pillow covers and throw blankets.


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Wall Decor

Wall Decor is the first and foremost thing to handle when you start decorating your living room for Halloween. You can add some crawling spiders on the wall, or go with a trail of small ants which will make your guest take a second look. You can also covert your wall mirrors into a scary ghost reflection mirror. Also, the old spider web trick always works!


Fireplace Mantle Decor

Fireplace Mantel Decor for halloween

If you have a firework mantle in your living room then you can use that to your advantage and turn it into an eerie and ghostly chimney. Add a bunch of your crafted Halloween pumpkins to the fireplace, and decorate the rest with black cats, crows, skulls, lights, and a whole lot of candles.


Halloween Candles

If you don’t have proper candle holders for Halloween, then you can always make your own! Take out your empty wine bottles and paint them in your favorite Halloween paint. Stick the candles in the opening of each bottle and you are done! You can also decorate the bottles to give the whole theme a much more detailed look.


Spooky Fog

Having a spooky Halloween fog will add a much-needed eerie effect to your whole Halloween living room decorations. Just put a lot of dry ice into a cauldron or a faux pumpkin, whichever you prefer. Add water, and let the magic begin!



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