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The last 2 years of our lives have been pretty exhausting and boring at the same time. To say that the pandemic has changed our lives would be a severe understatement. Almost every aspect of our lives was affected, including clothes. Before all this crazy time, we would have to wear formal attire to join the office, college, or any other institution. But the start of the pandemic brought nap dresses, soft pants, and dressing for Zoom meetings (such as pajamas, shorts, and loose shirts). Glad that time is over and we are seeing people are going to their usual routines as the world is opening at a slow but steady pace.

That’s not to say that only the bad things happened during the pandemic. There came a trend during the tumultuous time known as Dopamine Dressing.


The barrage of not-so-great news to absorb on the daily and lockdown, we found solace in lackluster yet comfortable and airy clothing, I wouldn’t blame you if you did the same thing for the last couple of years. But then enter dope dressing, which has been all over social media.

For a little heads up; dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter and hormone. It plays a vital role in many body functions including movement, memory, and most importantly pleasure, reward, and motivation. It reinforces certain behaviors that make you feel good, and that is why scientists have dubbed it “Feel-Good-Hormone”.

And it has long been discovered that people have psychological connections to particular colors. Red represents anger, blue sadness, yellow happiness, and so on with research backing up that link that indicates that certain clothes can change how we feel and act based on the concept of “enclothed cognition”. It has been deducted that our clothes have symbolic meaning that affects psychology and performance. For example, wearing a suit for a meeting means power and a bossy attitude.


Dopamine dressing allows people to fully embrace their unique style. With so many ways to interact with your clothes, Reecoupons giving you some tips for dope dressing :

1.      Determine how you feel:

It’s all about the feel of dopamine dressing. Think about the mood you are in right now and then select the color, texture, and print that defines your mood and makes you happy.

2.      Start with your closet:

One of the aspects of dopamine dressing is that you don’t have to buy anything new. Everything you need is right by your closet. Look at all the pieces you have, what they have in common and how they can be mixed according to your mood.

3.      Gain inspiration from social:

If you follow Instagram and TikTok trends, take notes on the posts you like and the videos you watch. What aesthetics and dopamine clothing styles you liked on? It’s so interesting to see the power of social media in creating a mass effect regarding trends and clothing styles.

4.      Use Color Therapy:

It has been shown that certain colors bring out certain emotions, and our personal feelings toward colors are highly subjective. Choose colors that suit you and your mood. Start by selecting colors and patterns you like most.

5.      Experiment with texture and pattern:

Colors are important for dopamine dressing, texture and pattern play an important role because they are becoming more and more popular in mainstream fashion. Fabrics like velvet, crochet, satin, crepe, and linen are massively popular among the crowd. You can’t wear plain colors every day, but with patterns, you can spice up your clothing as patterns give life to your style, and dope dressing is all about feel.


1.      Electric Blue Outfit:

This vibrant color is a great choice and also a favorite of many.

2.      Fuchsia:

This mix between pink and purple is super delightful and makes for a standout pick.

3.      Rainbow dress:

A rainbow dress is the only perfect choice. From patterns to tiers to polka dots you have unlimited choices.

4.      Red:

Stand out from the red of the crowd and look fierce and beautiful all at the same time with red outfits.