Every year we celebrate Christmas, and every year we overlook the whole aspect of wrapping Christmas gifts and decorating. Sure wrapping your gift with a store-bought gift wrap seems more manageable, but it doesn’t show much effort. Decorating your presents with a little extra something will give the receiver something a little more to appreciate. Besides, decorating gifts is fun, and when you put extra effort into it, it shows that you cared enough to think the wrapping through as well. Also, it makes your gift look more thoughtful and attractive.

If you are thinking that creative gift wrapping ideas are usually hard to follow or requires much effort and supplies, then think again. We have come up with a list of creative yet effortless and easy Christmas gift wrapping and decor ideas that will change your mind.

Give your friends and family something extra to celebrate this year.

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  1. Pine Cone & Candy Cane Gift Decor
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This Christmas gift wrapping idea is quite simple, but it delivers the aesthetics you need to make your gift look more appealing to the receiver. You can do so much with a mere cheap and affordable brown gift wrapping paper if you can turn the switch to creativity in your mind. Here, you will need pine cones, pine cone leaves, candy cane, and gift wrapping twine. Wrap your gift with a brown gift wrap, tie the string around as you would with a ribbon. Tuck the rest of the things accordingly in the thread, and you are done!

  1. Brown Paper Bag Gift Bags
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No one ever said you have to use a box to wrap your gift items. If you are short on your budget, buying brown paper bags for gift boxing and wrapping would be a smarter choice. You can decorate the bags however you like. You can cut out some equal size paper snowflakes, buy some small size cheap gift wrapping ribbons, and that’s all you need.

To make it more decorative, you can add colorful snowflake trinkets, add customized tags, or cut out different shape decorations like a stocking, snowman, Christmas tree, etc.

  1. Furoshiki Gift Wrap
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Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese way of wrapping gift items. You can decorate and wrap your Christmas gifts without a box by using Furoshiki. It’s pretty simple and much more affordable than you can imagine. All you need is a plain color or colorful cloth, whichever you prefer, and some practice to properly tie the knot. Make sure that the fabric is big enough to make a big knot and still some remains in the end to give it a ribbon type look.

Add a name tag or stack a few flower strands to make it look prettier.

  1. Ribbon Gift Wraps
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Being creative with ribbons is the best way to decorate your holiday gift items. You can find so many ways to decorate your gifts with a ribbon. There are all sizes and shapes of ribbons available as well, which you can buy to make the whole process much easier if you are not much of a craft person. To make your ribbon decor stand out, make sure to choose minimalist design gift wraps. Adding Christmas labels or tags will give it bonus points.

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  1. Brown Paper Christmas Moose Gift Wrap
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Like we said before, you can be very creative with a brown paper gift wrap if you know what to do. Here is another way you can make a brown gift wrapping paper much cute and festive-like. You will need some colors, a black marker for drawing the antlers, some colorful wrapping strings and ribbons, a bow, and colorful paper for ears and noses. Following the picture above, you can effortlessly draw these cute Moses gift wrapping decor. It’s also a great holiday gift wrapping idea for kids.

  1. Black & White Elegant Christmas Wrapping
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With a pinch of elegance and the right materials, you can make your Christmas gift wrapping look more expensive. Here, as you can see, you would need plain black and white gift wrapping papers. Some twines or other strings, and Christmas ornaments made out of cardboard and white markers. You can add tags or green foliage to give it extra elegance. Your simple yet elegant and expensive-looking Christmas gift decoration is ready!

  1. Eco-Friendly Aesthetic Gift Wrapping
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Since we experienced so many disasters this year, it would be nice to avoid using glossy wrapping papers and move on to something a little more eco-friendly. As you see, this fabric gift wrapping is giving out an aesthetic vibe like no other. It’s one of the most creative yet easy ways to decorate your holiday gifts. All you need is some fabric, some long stem small flowers from the florists or your backyard, and twines.

These were some of our favorite Christmas gift wrapping and decoration ideas. There is a whole rat hole of holiday gift wrapping ideas out there that you can choose from and be as creative as possible this year. Share extra love with your friends and family on Christmas 2020.


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