Creative Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Kids love to celebrate Halloween and ever want to dress up in fun costumes like candy costumes, batman costume, fairy costume and more.  The trawling of multiple stores is really frightening by the offering for the parents. The upcoming Halloween Eve is just around the corner, so need to make your preparation fast and select the costumes for your toddlers being in their cutest on this particular holiday. Many online stores offer discounts and Halloween coupons that are also an easy way to shop interesting outfits for kids. This year we decided to help you for Kids Halloween costumes with the lovely options.


Halloween Black Spider

We always encourage you to keep the kids costume simple, attractive and cheap. Use the black hoodie costume or black shirt with knit cap for this Halloween costume 2017. For the spider legs,  you can use mono filaments and large needles to sloppily sew them on the sides of the shirt. Use same mono-filaments to connect the socks arms to the sleeves.  To design the head side, use the glue and attached googly eyes. It’s the best preference for kids costume that they have to make fun easily.


Little Red Riding Hood

This Little Red Riding Hood dress is such a fantastic option to choose as Halloween outfit and within your budget. To create this outfit, you can use gingham fabric, ribbon and a dotted lining for the inner space. Make a cutting of the fabric after taking perfect kid measurements. First, stitched the fabric with the inner lining fabric and join cutting hood portion inside with the cape.


Costume: Ghost

The ghost costume is a classic collection for kids, especially for the Halloween, but need to prepare in a  new style like the displayed picture. Choose the white color fabric and make nods in the corners. Paint the face of a ghost in a tricky style at the center of the fabric. It really looks nice on little toddlers and probably less expensive and couldn’t need to find anything more from the physical market.


Costume: Edward Scissorhands

To design this type of costume for your toddler, get the black suit, gloves, a lot of belts and a lot of hardware accessories like plastic knives as the scissors. offers to buy these type of costume from your favorite brand Spirit Halloween store. By clicking on the website, you can easily grab Spirit Halloween coupons 2017  and promo codes for enjoyable and discounted kids costume shopping.


Black Cat

This is such a pretty and adorable costume for the girls, and easy to make at home. Choose the black fancy net frock for designing the Halloween costume. With the help of wire, glue gun, felt, thread and fur make a cute tail and a cat shape ear. Set the furry ears on her ponytails and attached tail on the waist side. Your little fairy really seems sweetie cat on this Halloween style.


Costume: Mummy

It’s  simply attractive outfit to prepare your little girl for the Halloween. Use white leggings, white shirt and white to make a style like a scary mummy. Tied up white laces on the ponytails and strips of white lacy curtain around her body and neck. Then painted her face with white and dark purple eyeshadows around her eye and add mascara. It all done in an easy way within few minutes.

So, let us know how do you express Halloween celebration? What you plan for your toddler costume, whether you like scary, funny and sweet by creating your own self or through our online store by using available discounted  EzCosplay coupons. These costume ideas are sure helpful to get into the spirit of the holiday.