Best Ways to Get Discounted Contact Lenses

Over time, contact lenses may prove to be more expensive than glasses, despite being a convenient option for vision correction.

The overall cost of your contact lens purchases might vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Company
  • The complicated structure of the eyesight issue that the lenses are supposed to fix
  • Supplies for eye care (such as contact lens cases or lens solutions)
  • Follow-ups with the eye doctor
  • Strength of prescription
  • The kind of contact lenses—hard contacts or extended wear, for instance.
  • The store where you purchase them

Contacts can be expensive, and most insurance policies don't cover all of the expenses. However, you can take certain actions to cut costs.


How to Obtain Contact Lenses Discounts

There are methods for obtaining contact lens discounts. These are five areas that must be researched.

1. Vision Discount Programs

Without requiring a commitment to a vision insurance plan, vision discount programs provide savings on eye care services. The annual membership is typically less expensive than insurance payments, but you will usually have to pay more out of pocket for contact lenses or eye doctor appointments than you would with insurance. Alongside basic vision care and optional procedures is a membership card that offers savings and perks from participating providers.

2. Purchase Lenses in Bulk

By purchasing lenses in large quantities from membership warehouse clubs such as Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's, you can reduce shipping expenses. Astigmatism, daily, and two-week disposable lenses are among the varieties of lenses that these companies sell. Through promotions and immediate refunds, members can also get discounts.

Buying in bulk is advised because some pharmacies also have discounts and coupons. Monthly, bi-weekly, and daily disposable lenses are among the many varieties available; some last up to a year. Although more costly, daily disposable lenses are widely used.

3. Utilize your FSA or HSA to Purchase Contacts

Both HSAs and FSAs provide pre-tax money for qualified vision costs, such as exams and contact lenses, as well as for contact-specific out-of-pocket expenses, such as cleaning supplies, lens cases, saline solutions, rewetting drops, and eye drops.

4. Make Use of Coupons

Coupons are a handy way to save money on lenses. You may get them printed or online from several places, including drug shops, contact lens providers, vision insurance companies, and websites [like ReeCoupons that offer online coupons. Additionally, some retailers and manufacturers offer mail-in rebates or coupon codes at the time of checkout.

5. Compare Prices to Find Deals

Shop at stores as well as online to get the best deals. Inquire about exchange procedures, price match guarantees, and policies about price adjustments for items that change or go on sale within six months. To optimize savings, consider inquiring about price match guarantees, price changes, and exchange programs.


More Cost-Saving Suggestions

To save money on contacts, take advantage of trial offers from stores and lens makers as well as loyalty programs that give customers money back and discounts. Some stores may provide savings on the first order of contacts, and professional associations or membership organizations may also provide discounts on contacts and related services. Using these strategies, you can reduce the cost of your contact needs.


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The Bottom Line

Costs associated with prescription contact lenses can reach hundreds of dollars annually. There are still methods to cut costs. The cost of receiving contact lenses can be decreased by utilizing an HSA or FSA, purchasing in bulk from warehouse clubs, or enrolling in a vision insurance plan. Using coupons and exclusive offers to receive freebies, discounts, and prizes can also be beneficial.