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The Revolution

Since ancient times, people have worn shoes to protect their feet. Those who are socially elite have been known to wear expensive, trendy shoes. In terms of historical chronology, footwear has only lately become an essential component of clothing worn by all classes in the Western world. Shoes have historically been made of natural materials, mostly leather, but more recently, they have benefited from technological advancements that have made a wide variety of materials and innovative designs possible. While it has made shoes more accessible to a wider range of consumers, many people still struggle with fit and choice, resulting in them wearing shoes that are unfitting. In addition to exploring the mythology surrounding shoe fit and guidance—the majority of which has historical roots—this study aims to provide significant findings from current research and define the state of knowledge on the impact of shoes on the foot.


Finding the Best-Fit

In certain communities, people frequently wear shoes every day to protect and warm their feet. But over several centuries, a shoe has evolved beyond just a piece of apparel and now serves as a symbol of personality and style, inspiring creative fashion designs. Shoes with an emphasis on design are frequently not the right size or shape for the foot of the wearer. Huge heel heights, small toe boxes, lovely materials, and distinctive styling are all inventions of the creative designer.

People frequently experience nervousness when they go shoe shopping since there is a limited selection of well-fitting shoes and the prices of the products are expensive. A projected 50% of people wear shoes that are too small for them, which is a result of people not taking the time to precisely measure their feet before buying shoes. Especially among older adults who frequently wear shoes that are excessively long and narrow for their feet to maximize comfort, which may have an impact on related discomfort. It is commonly believed that common foot illnesses are caused by this mismatch in shoe and foot size and shape.


Suggestions to take care of footwear to last long

Your feet will sweat during the day and will make the leather drier. The wrinkles that are pressed into the top of the toe box will solidify and dry out once you take off your shoes. On the other hand, if you place cedar shoe trees in them, the cedar will absorb the moisture and the shoe will dry out to its original shape. Your shoes' appearance and durability will both significantly increase as a result. For optimum effects, get trees that fit your shoes precisely in size and insert them all the way into the toe box (while drawing the tongue back). You must use this method whenever you take your shoes off.

The most crucial thing you can do to preserve the appearance and durability of your leather shoes is to polish them. Remember that leather is just a dead skin similar to the skin on your face and hands, moisturizing it improves its appearance, texture, and performance. About the only issue on a well-made pair of shoes that cannot be fixed is the cracking of the leather uppers from set-in creases and dryness.

Prior to reusing your exquisite leather shoes, try to give them enough time to completely dry out. You can extend their lifespan by not wearing them everyday. It might be a good idea to wait two days between them wearing if you're sweating and not wearing socks.

The coolest thing about giving your old shoes a second chance at life is this. As long as your shoes are compatible—your cobbler can confirm this—you can select any kind of sole when having a pair resoled or refurbished. Essentially, this implies you can create a unique pair of shoes by playing shoe designer.


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