Top 5 Laptops with the Best Battery Life for Long Work Sessions

While it's commonly accepted that a laptop with a longer battery life is preferable, there are certain components of a laptop that don't support a long runtime. For example, batteries run out of power faster on powerful CPUs and graphics than on less powerful but more efficient components. While smaller, darker displays with fewer pixels to power require less battery life than larger, brighter, and higher-resolution screens do.

It also affects what kind of display it is. Even though an OLED panel has a better image than an LCD screen, its battery life is usually shorter. Another factor that may be important is the size of the laptop; ultraportables that are thin and small typically use smaller batteries, whereas larger computers have space for larger, longer-lasting batteries.

For a laptop to have a long battery life, trade-offs must be made in numerous situations. But if getting a laptop that can run mostly on a single charge throughout the day is your main priority, you've come to the correct spot. top 5 laptops that scored highest for longest battery life over the previous year are listed below.


1- Apple MacBook Pro 16 (M3 Max, 2023)

Here's the longest-lasting laptop we've tested in the past year: the most recent 16-inch MacBook Pro, with almost 21 hours of battery life. In light of the huge, high-resolution display that the laptop's battery is required to power, that's an exceptional figure for any laptop.

Also, we tested an M3 Max model, whose 21-hour+ runtime is even more remarkable considering that it is probably more power-hungry than the M3 Pro CPU found in base models. (The outrageous 24 hours and 34 minutes was the testing duration for the previous 16-inch MacBook Pro with an M2 Pro processor.)


2- Apple MacBook Pro 14 (M3, 2023)

The 14-inch M3 MacBook Pro won the bronze medal at the Battery Life Olympics, completing a clean sweep of the podium for Apple. In our battery test, it lasted close to 19 hours, falling short by almost two hours of the 16-inch MacBook Pro's duration.

Because the MacBook Pro 14 has a smaller, 70-watt-hour battery, it was not able to outperform the 16-inch variant. However, a single charge of the 14-inch MacBook Pro will last you the entire day of computing. It might need to be recharged first.


3- Apple MacBook Air 15 (M3, 2024)

Apple's most recent 15-inch MacBook Air, equipped with a 66.5-watt-hour battery that powers a 15.3-inch display, survived 16 hours on our battery test. If you want a larger screen but don't require a MacBook with pro-level performance, the MacBook Air 15 is a great and far more cost-effective option.


4- HP Dragonfly G4

The longest-running Windows laptop we tested in the past year is HP's high-end business ultraportable. It is equipped with a 13.5-inch display that is driven by a 68-watt-hour battery and an effective Intel Core i7 U-series processor.

In terms of attractiveness and durability, its matte black aluminum body is comparable to that of a MacBook. We suggest upgrading the Dragonfly G4's basic IPS display with HP's higher-resolution OLED panel, even though doing so would result in a slight decrease in battery life.


5- Lenovo Yoga 7i 16

Similar to the HP Dragonfly G4 above, Lenovo's large-screen two-in-one offered exceptional battery life. In battery tests, it ran for more than 13.5 hours using an effective Intel Core i7 U-series processor and a large capacity 71-watt-hour battery.


Which Laptop Designs Offer the Longest Battery Life?

Even so, "traditional laptops" don't usually suggest large laptops. Many of these laptops and convertible devices are reasonably light and thin. Because of the innovations in processor architecture, Windows settings, and chassis design, thin-and-light laptops may now run on batteries for extended periods. Even in laptops with larger screens, a long-lasting battery doesn't have to be turned into a heavier machine.


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End Note

You can always increase your unplugged time by a few minutes or a few hours by modifying your computer habits, regardless of the type of laptop you're looking for. It looks like driving more cautiously so you can save gasoline.