Best Cheap TV Deals to Avail Now

Prices for televisions are always changing, and if you don't shop online at the proper moment, the greatest models may end up costing twice as much. We look for the most recent discounts on the internet while keeping performance and quality in mind to save money.

A high-end TV could set you back thousands of dollars, but you can save money by looking for a good substitute for less.

Cheap televisions with good quality, reliable features, and big screens may be found in companies like Toshiba, TCL, and Insignia. You can save more by compromising some features, such as the HLG (HDR) standard.

We've gathered the best affordable TVs on the market, and although we haven't used them all ourselves, we still suggest these models based on their features and our brand-specific experiences. See other TV deals if you're searching for a more specific or larger TV.


TCL 40-inch Class S3: $101

Save $129 (Clearance: open box)

A few TCL 40-inch versions are available at Best Buy for $101 as part of their clearance discounts. They're open box, which is the only drawback. This indicates that although they have undergone testing and been given a quality rating, they aren't strictly speaking brand-new. Three months of Apple TV Plus are free with your purchase.


Insignia 43-inch Class N10 series: $130

Save $40

If you're searching for something more compact and reasonably priced, the Insignia N10 is likely among the least expensive TVs available. Although it only has full HD quality rather than 4K, this is still acceptable given the 43-inch screen size, and it also has essential parental controls and HDMI Arc support.


Insignia 75-inch F30: $470

Save $130

Despite being a few years old, the 2021 Insignia 4K Fire TV still has great specs that make it a competitive device and a good value. Because it runs the Fire TV OS from Amazon, you can instantly access all of your favorite streaming media.

Its HDMI eARC connector makes it simple to stream audio through a surround-sound system or speaker, and its voice-activated Alexa control facilitates hands-free browsing.


Toshiba 43-inch C350 series: $210

Save $70

If you come across a TV from Toshiba for less than $300, it's worth looking out for. Toshiba makes some very good TVs. Under the hood of this model are Toshiba's Regza Engine 4K, which helps enhance visual clarity and fidelity, as well as HDR and HDR10, an auto low-latency game mode.

It runs on the Fire TV platform, which gives you access to the Amazon ecosystem and Alexa control, however, iPhone users can also utilize Apple AirPlay. Additionally, three months of free Apple TV are yours.


Amazon 50-inch 4 series Fire TV: $320

Save $130

When compared to its Omni series sister, the Fire TV 4 series is a more basic 4K TV, but that doesn't mean it should be ignored. It has a lot to offer because it made our list of the top inexpensive TVs.
 Choosing a budget means making certain trade-offs, but at this price, especially with the 29% savings, it might be worth it.

This TV has a beautifully bright picture, but it lacks several high-end capabilities like Dolby Vision and gaming features like AMD FreeSync. It also lacks a built-in microphone. It boasts one of the greatest pictures of any entry-level device and those who are already familiar with the Amazon ecosystem.


Pioneer 43-inch LED 4K smart Xumo TV: $170

Save $100

It is great to see a TV from Pioneer that is less than $250, as they are quite well-known for their TVs. Accompanied by an abundance of capabilities, it can display images in 4K quality and supports HDR10 and HLG, which is very useful for sports fans.


TCL 55-inch 4 series smart TV: $248

Low list price

This 4K HDR Roku TV retails for $248; there aren't any significant discounts to knock the price down, but even at that price, it's still a great bargain for a less expensive TV. The list of the top televisions for 2024 included the TCL 4 series as one of the best affordable models.


Amazon 55-inch Omni Fire TV: $390

Save $160


With its expanding line of streaming sticks and smart devices, it was only a matter of time until Amazon began producing its smart TVs. For true hands-free voice control, the mid-range model in the Omni series has a microphone integrated into the TV. Moreover, it has a 4K resolution.


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