Best Camera Cell Phones for Photography Enthusiasts

If you want to take beautiful pictures whenever you want, wherever you are, you need a phone with a good camera. Not everyone can, after all, always carry along a big DSLR. Here, we adore excellent camera phones for their obvious convenience. As technology advances, these phones also boast amazing capabilities, potent picture sensors, and one-touch image processing and editing.

It might be challenging to choose the right phone for you, though, with the variety of technology available. These are the best camera phones that are currently on the market, regardless of whether you're searching for a high-end device that will enable you to take amazing photos for social media or you just want a regular phone that will allow you to take lovely family photos.


01. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

With the incredible 200MP flagship camera on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung proved you wrong if you believed those smartphone cameras could not get any better. Of course, you probably won't be taking 200MP photos all the time; the real magic is in features like 16-in-1 pixel binning, which significantly improves light and detail and produces extremely high-quality photos even in low light.

With an ultra-wide module, a dedicated autofocus array, and a 10x optical zoom that allows you to photograph distant subjects up close, the quad-camera array on the S23 Ultra offers you a great deal of shooting options.

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02. iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

Compared to the ordinary iPhone, the Pro and Pro Max feature much better cameras thanks to their extra third lens (the Pro Max has a telephoto lens with 5X optical zoom, while the Pro has a 3X lens) and superior macro capabilities.

Even though the cameras are only marginally better than the 14 Pro and Pro Max, there are still some improvements: better lens selections; a 5X zoom on the Pro Max (up from a 3X zoom on the previous model); "Nano-scale coatings," which sound technical but seem to improve flare and ghosting; and a better photonic (machine learning) engine that will produce better results.


03. Google Pixel 7 Pro

Since Google recently announced the release of the Pixel 7 Pro, there are currently some fantastic discounts available on its predecessor, the 2021 Pixel 6 Pro. Since the price of the older phone has decreased in the wake of its successor, it is still widely accessible and, in our opinion, remains one of the finest value photography phones.

Software from Google is the best of all. We were pleasantly surprised by how well the AI scene optimization altered images. Even if Photoshop doesn't need to worry too much just yet, Night Sight is reasonably good for low-light photography, and the Magic Eraser is good at taking out undesired objects and even people if the scene is clean enough.

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04. OnePlus 10 Pro

With its remarkable three back cameras, OnePlus's flagship phone is another example of how successful the company's collaboration with pro camera maker Hasselblad has been. In several photographs, we discovered that the primary, ultra-wide, and telephoto cameras provide a nice shallow depth; however, some people may find that the AI optimizations oversaturate the images.

A few special modes are offered. The 150-degree mode uses the ultra-wide camera to produce a fisheye-like effect, while the XPan, named after the specialized Hasselblad camera of the same name, captures wide panoramas.


05. Realme GT 2 Pro

Normally because it doesn't have many high-end smartphones, Realme doesn't appear on lists of the "best camera phones." However, the GT 2 Pro is the company's first high-end phone, and it earns Realme a spot on this list. Although the phone's 50MP primary and ultra-wide cameras are impressive, its 40x magnification microscope camera is the main feature that makes it rank on this list.

Because it offers remarkable camera features at a significantly cheaper price than you'd expect, we found Realme's smartphone to be incredible. With far too low-light photography, the primary camera is amazing and could certainly compete with an iPhone. In well-lit or daylight conditions, it also records an abundance of color and light.

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An SLR or mirrorless camera is still required if you want the greatest possible low-light performance, an optical zoom that is unmatched, or a macro shot. A good smartphone camera should work just fine for you if you don't need to capture professional photos, and any of our selections here are excellent options.