Top 7 Bathing Habits for Healthy Skin

Taking a daily shower benefits you in more ways than one. You get to spend a few minutes alone yourself, allowing your tension and worry to melt away. Everybody has different bathing routines, however, some bathing behaviors are better for you than others. Showering is more than simply personal hygiene; it's a means of purifying your body, including your skin, therefore it's critical to do it correctly. These seven shower habits are a must for everyone to have healthy skin.


Maintain a colder temperature

Even though a hot shower could feel amazing after a demanding and long day, it can also drain your skin's natural oils. It's critical to conserve those oils since they keep your skin hydrated, nourished, and protected. For a relaxing shower, warm water works best but it doesn't dry out your skin.

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Scrub your body two to three times a week

Exfoliation is very beneficial for your body's skin as well as the skin on your face. It aids in clearing the skin's surface of dead cells to reveal fresh, healthy cells beneath. In addition to increasing blood flow and collagen synthesis, exfoliation helps to firm and smooth your skin. Exfoliation is fantastic, but it's crucial to limit how often you apply it. Twice or three times a week is about right.


Avoid staying there for too long

In the same spirit as controlling the temperature in your shower, you should also be aware of how much time you spend there. While taking a lengthy, leisurely shower is wonderful, you run the risk of depriving your skin of its natural oils the longer you stay in the shower.

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Regularly wash your towels and replace your loofah

The act of using soap to lather something does not guarantee that it is entirely hygienic. Loofahs have plenty of little spaces that are ideal for storing soap foams but also serve as a harbor for bacteria. Since your loofah rarely dries out entirely, it may contain bacterial and fungal species that can cause skin illnesses. After every use, give your loofah a thorough rinse, shake it off, and hang it to dry in a cool place—not the shower—for the best care. After shaving, wait a few days before using your loofah, and never use it on your face or other delicate regions.

Replace your loofah every three to four weeks and clean it once a week by soaking it in a mild bleach solution. The last thing you want to do is use a dirty towel after making the effort to properly cleanse yourself. Since you just use your towel right out of the shower, it could seem like it keeps quite clean, but if it remains overly damp, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. After each shower, hang your bath towel up to dry and wash it every three to five usage.


Avoid using body soap to wash your face

Cleaning yourself is the main goal of a shower, but it doesn't mean you have to use a multipurpose cleaner. Such multipurpose cleansers can irritate skin and diminish its natural oils, even though they might work for some people. It's recommended to wash your face with facial cleanser and your body with body soap.


Rinse well

It's time to rinse off after lathering up. To prevent soap remainder from sticking around and drying out your skin, it's critical to rinse it completely before getting out of the shower. For your last rinse, use lukewarm or even cool water to increase blood flow and seal conditioner into your hair follicles. Just before getting out of the shower, giving yourself a cool rinse can also be incredibly revitalizing.

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After taking a shower, moisturize right away

Most of us dry off right away after getting out of the shower. Although a small amount of toweling off is fine, the ideal time to apply moisturizer is when your skin is still somewhat damp. Moisturizer helps keep your skin hydrated by retaining water when applied to damp skin. To soften and heal the skin, use a thick layer of cleansing moisturizer, or choose a firming solution.

Applying dry body oil, which combines the nourishing properties of sesame and sunflower oils with the purifying power of Chios resin to provide quickly absorbing moisture, is a great idea for extra care. For an at-home spa experience, add a splash of scented bath oil if you'd rather bathe than shower. Most of us take showers regularly—in fact, we do it so frequently that it becomes second nature to us.


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Even if you might not give it much thought, it could be time to start considering your showering strategy. You can maintain your cleanliness and skin health by adopting the seven healthy shower habits listed above. You may make your everyday shower a refreshing and caring experience for your skin by using these showering suggestions. With confidence, take a shower and take the best possible care of your skin.