April Top 5 Purchases: Apparel, Take trips, Gifts & More

The month of April is among us. With spring in full swing, April is when the flowers start to bloom and temperatures start to rise across the country. As a result, many destinations around the U.S. will host festivals and events to celebrate the holiday and the season. While this particular month doesn’t have any big sales events, it does come with Easter and Earth Day, both of which have their own compelling sets of sales and deals. To help you take full advantage of the best savings, we have listed down April's Top 5 Purchases to enhance your shopping experience.

Top 5 categories to shop from this April:

1. Home:

Home and Gardening is an extensive category but people looking for April shopping can expect massive discounts, deals, and offers on anything related to home furnishing products. You can find things like heavy-duty batteries to cut down power outages, furniture as you look forward to renovating your room, or gadgets to improve your lifestyle.

a. Check Now: redodo-power

Redodo Power makes powerful lithium batteries that are longer-lasting and more powerful. The design is durable using grade-A cells and high-quality materials. The 48V 100Ah has a massive 4.8kWh power supply which allows it to be used in a wide range of scenarios. You can save up to 5% off your order along with free shipping.

b. Check Now: papaya

This Earth Day made a conscious and eco-responsible decision by ditching one-time towels and tissue papers. Use Papaya reusable paper towel that is highly unique and functional. You can use it in many different scenarios. Just wet it, wipe it, and hang it after use. It’s that simple.

c. Check Now: twispers

Twispers hope to build lovely living spaces and desirable living styles for everyone at affordable price. The brand allows you to build a comfortable and stylish space for yourself and your loved ones. Find desks, tables, chairs, tools and accessories, and storage products. Get 27% off on the table and get free shipping.

2. Beauty:

Beauty is all that the planet Earth is. We seek beauty in everything we own but we don’t usually seek it in us. Human beauty is achieved by using products that are high-quality and made with proper ingredients. We have some amazing stores lined up for you just in case you want to make yourself pretty for any occasion.

a. Check Now: anolestyle

Give yourself a quality makeover with color contact lenses. You can find round, flower, square, and love heart contact lenses in almost all colors. The best part is that with the first order, you can get 10% off.

b. Check Now: orpheus-skincare

Orpheus is delivering powerfully pure skincare with proven results that are free from any compromise. The ingredients are sustainably produced, clean and non-toxic, has stable formulas, and is skin-sensitive. You can shop for serums, dewy essence, cream, toner, and cleansers.

c. Check Now: executive-shaving

Executive Shaving is one of the largest online shaving and grooming retailers in Europe. The products are driven by quality, fairness, and trust with personal care and attention given to every customer. With Executive Shaving, you can shop for razors, shaving brushes, accessories, bath and body, hair care, nail and hand care, and fragrances. Avail of free shipping in the UK with orders from £75.

3. Photography:

We all love taking pictures of ourselves and of the things that we like. We use tools like cameras, and editing suites to enhance the look and feel of the moments we cherish. Wedding photography is also a crucial part of a memorable event as we want to capture every single detail. We are mentioning some of the best apps and stores that will truly elevate your photography experience:

a:Check Now: capture-the-magic

Capture the Magic is a series of apps that lets you add Easter Bunny, Santa, and Tooth Fairy to your photos. You can celebrate the upcoming festival of Easter with Capture the Magic and enjoy the moments. Get a Special offer and use 50 photo credits at $24.99.

b. Check Now: fotor

Fotor’s photo editor lets you edit photos in just a few clicks. You can crop and resize the image. Remove the background, enhance the look and feel, make aesthetic collages, remove objects, and give amazing photo effects. Get 30% off on this amazing app with our deals and discounts.

c. Check Now: wedit

Wedit is a fun and interactive way to capture your wedding experience. You can capture it from rehearsal dinner to brunch afterward. The wedding package includes the rental of 5 HD cameras, with the ability to view, share, and download all pictures and videos for 12 months. Plus, you can even edit your footage to create a personal, professional, and priceless finished product. This wedding photography store easily tops our April's Top 5 Purchases.

4. Traveling:

Traveling is an exercise that makes us spend money but bears all the right fruits. From travel bags to cheap flights we are mentioning some of the best online stores that could easily be your April's Top 5 Purchases.

a. Check Now: zero-halliburton

Don’t worry about shopping for cheap quality luggage as we have brought to you, Zero Halliburton. Their Aluminum Standard has exceptional craftsmanship, legendary strength, and award-winning design. Make this bag your traveling partner and get 50% off your purchase.

b. Check Now: flighthub

Embark on an adventure without spending extra with Flight Hub. They are making travel accessible, allowing more people to visit new places and explore new cultures. You can have exclusive deals with over 400+ airlines that have the best rates and the software constantly updates destinations for one of a kind experience

c. Check Now: serenity-organizers

Organize your messy items on the plane with Serenity Organizers. The tray organizer is antimicrobial and washable. It slips on, and you can organize your items like drinks, books, iPad, and chill. Get 10% off on your order along with free shipping.

5. Clothing:

April is the start of spring. That means that we have to get rid of bulky winter clothes and start wearing comfortable and lightweight clothes. So for people looking to buy new clothes and accessories here are some of the most preferred stores.

a. Check Now: one-teaspoon

One Teaspoon is all about embracing the outdoor norms. The store is a fantastically rebellious and sex-infused old-school rock and rolls glamour place. With collaborations with top designers and creative, the company is never afraid to push the boundaries in terms of fashion. Find denim, jacket, overalls, shirt, and jumpsuits.

b. Check Now: kut-from-the-kloth

Kut from the Kloth is a premium denim store with a great fit that makes every woman feel comfortable and confident. You can your perfect fit by just taking a simple quiz the store will greet you with the perfect options. Get 20% off on plus-sized options.

c. Check Now: allied-shirts

Allied Shirts is making shirts amazing and cool again. At the store, you can find an easy-to-use design tool for making custom t-shirts, a great selection of high-quality shirts at fair prices, and a personal commitment to the quality of the shirts. Find basic tees, brand tees, long sleeves, hoodies, ladies' tees, sweatshirts, youth tees, tanks, fashion tees, V-necks, and tri-blends. Go for bundled shopping and get 50% off with free shipping.


The month of April is giving you the chance to shop for all the things you love. This is the month of festivities and adventures. We have detailed some of the most popular stores from different categories like clothing, beauty, travel, photography, and home which could be your April's Top 5 Purchases. Find discounts and deals on every single product and enjoy spring like you mean it.