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The environment, whether you are indoors or outside, affects your skin. Air pollution, blue light, UV rays, and other environmental aspects may lead our skin to oxidative damage which destroys collagen and may also compromise the ability of skin to function as a barrier. Skin that has been damaged by UV radiation is more vulnerable to its negative effects.


Ultra-Violet Rays: The Greatest Danger to Skin

The most important environmental component that is also widely known to contribute to skin damage and aging is UV light. Free radicals produced by UV radiation damage DNA and cause the skin's collagen and elastin to break down, which results in wrinkles.


Not only does the Sun cause skin to suffer

Experts become more cautious when it comes to one potential skin aging factor: blue light or visible light. We are exposed to high-energy wavelength light via our phones and computers. Premature aging may also result from having your face fixed on a screen all day, however, research on this topic is still in its initial stage, and studies of this kind are typically quite insufficient.


The Role of Air Pollution

Air pollution doesn’t only affect your breathing. It can harm skin with free radicals in the same way that light does. Inflammation in the skin is intensified by oxidative damage caused by environmental exposure.


How to protect your skin from the Environment


1. To Prevent Sun Damage, Use a Mineral Sunscreen.

While using sunscreen is always a good idea, many dermatologists recommend SPFs that include zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which physically filter UV radiation.

2. Pick a Tinted Sunscreen for a double purpose

Try to choose an SPF-fortified tinted moisturizer to better prevent blue light. Iron oxides protect skin against this kind of light spectrum, an element included in tinted sunscreens.

3. Select a Functional Powder for Portable Sun Protection

If you already have pigmentation issues, visible light might make them worse, so you should have a product you can reapply indoors. Since you may dust them over makeup that is already applied, powders with an integrated SPF are excellent choices. If you work in an office and need a lunchtime touch-up, they are very helpful.

4. Choose Red Algae to protect against Blue Light

Looking for a product with red algae, which is intended to block blue light, is an additional alternative if you don't like tinted primers.

5. Aim for a morning application of Vitamins C and E

Free radicals that prematurely cut down collagen and elastin are countered by antioxidants. According to research, vitamin E and C often function better together, which is why you'll see them in some formulations.

6. Go for Antioxidants

Antioxidants that prevent sun damage can be obtained through supplements. It's essential to remember that taking oral supplements won't ever take the place of applying sunscreen.

7. Take a good wash before sleep

It's beneficial to remove the dust and waste buildup that occurs every day. Because of this, a mild cleanser should be a part of any effective anti-aging procedure. Reducing the possibility of irritation, a gentle wash will cleanse the skin without damaging the skin barrier.

8. Protection while you sleep

Make use of products that assist in eliminating dust and debris that gather up on the skin's surface as well as those that repair environmental harm.



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