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Finding the best Valentine’s day gift gets harder and harder each year you are together with the same person because you need to come up with different and better ideas each year. However, it’s equally hard when you first start dating and enter a serious relationship. You want a gift that is equally personal, sentimental, but not so cheesy, and memorable all at once. And that my friend, is as tiring as it sounds!

We have a complete list of gift items that you can buy, depending on who you are buying it for. You can use these suggestions to come up with ideas for the best Valentine’s day gifts for your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend. You can also buy the products from our list if you like, which is a much smarter option considering we offer you such great discounts on Valentine’s day gifts and more!

Teenage Couples

Want to impress your teenage girlfriend/boyfriend on Valentine’s day? Here’s what you can buy!

  • Godiva Chocolatier
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Girls absolutely love teddy bears and chocolates! A Valentine’s day gift as simple as this Godiva Chocolatier will make the day for her! It’s also very affordable for a teenager to buy!

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  • Matching Heart Necklaces  

Matching heart necklaces are the cutest things ever! These heart engraved bar necklaces will forever remind you of each other and the love you share. It is the best Valentine’s day gift for her!

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  • Custom Wooden Guitar Pick

 Does your partner love to play guitar? Are they really passionate about this little hobby? No need to look for something else then, because a custom ‘I Pick You’ pick for your boyfriend would be the best Valentine’s day gift he’ll ever remember!

SHOP: Etsy is one of the best stores to shop when you go out on the search for Valentine’s day gift items. Buy this custom guitar pick and more with a huge bargain at your side!

Adult Couples

Adulting is hard, but finding Valentine’s day gifts shouldn’t be. Here are some great ideas to start with!

  • Valentine’s Day Heart Plant 

A house plant with a heart shape? SO FREAKIN CUTE! You can out-do this one! It’s effortless, cute, forever lasting if taken care of properly, and it’s also very affordable. Buy this Valentine’s day heart cactus for your boyfriend now!

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  • Wine Pack
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A wine pack is also a great idea for a gift for Valentine’s day that your boyfriend would love! You can find many stores that will offer you wine packs and hampers with various unique wines to enjoy with your partner.

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  • A Custom Portrait

Do you have a picture of you two that is your absolute favorite? Convert that picture into a custom wooden printed frame and forever hang it on the walls of the home you build together!

SHOP: Plak That is one of the best online marketplaces that offer the highest quality custom wooden frames and portraits. Get one made for your wife at minimum prices with the latest 30% off Plak That Valentine’s Day Coupons.

Fresh Couple / Newly Dating Couples

Avoid making things awkward by buying the Valentine’s Day gifts that we’ve selected for you!

  • Polarized Sunglasses

Fresh dating means you have to keep your Valentine’s day gift as general and non-sentimental as possible! That is why these polarized sunglasses are a perfect choice! Your boyfriend will absolutely go crazy over the effects these sunglasses have!

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  • Bliss White Orchids

White Orchids are flowers for when you are thinking about someone. It’s absolutely not romantic and can be considered a sweet gesture. Instead of roses, buy these flowers for your girlfriend on Valentine’s day to keep the environment less awkward and pressure-free.

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  • Their Favorite Book

Giving a book is one of the best ways to let the other person know that you care about everything they say and your relationship with him/her. Buy their favorite book for your first Valentine’s day with your boyfriend/girlfriend to keep the vibes steady and going!

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