7 Exotic Foods to Try on Your Next Travel Adventure

Do you enjoy taking trips and think of yourself as having an adventurous personality? Traveling to different locations usually lets anyone learn about regional customs, including eating and living habits. Some individuals, however, travel simply because they want to experience every mouthwatering meal on the planet.

Traveling to different places provides a clear picture of the locals' food culture, which also makes one aware of their way of life. There are many unique treats on our planet. What you can and cannot do with food at this point depends on your ability level. Exotic meals vary across the world based on cultural influences.

Here are some of the most exotic foods around the world you might want to try on your next travel:


Chicken Feet – Asia, South America, Africa

Chicken feet are incredibly tasty and well-liked in Africa, South America, and Asia. Perfectly cooked in soups, stews, and delicious smoked chicken feet are also included in the superstitious foods list because some people think eating chicken feet can make one more attractive. It certainly wouldn't harm to give it a try


Foie Gras – France

Foie gras is a pâté produced from the liver of ducks or geese, and it is considered a delicacy in France but is also relished in many Western European countries. It is essentially a paste or spread made from extremely fatty liver that is heated and cooled before being served.

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Molokhia – Egypt

olokhia initially appears to be more similar to a green soup comprised of mucus. If you can look beyond the disgusting appearance of molokheya, you will be pleasantly surprised when you dip it in your rice. Molokheya is an everyday meal in Egypt and many other Middle Eastern countries, and its consistency makes it difficult to make it look appetizing. However, it has a great deal of flavor and antioxidants.


Macher Paturi – India

This fish preparation, an Indian delicacy, comes from West Bengal. Fish called Hilsa and Rahu are used in this preparation. After marinating in mustard and exotic Indian spices, the fish is steam-cooked inside banana leaves. If you visit Eastern India, you really must have this delicious treat!

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In Egypt, pigeons are considered a delightful treat and are much loved by the country's food enthusiasts; despite some saying they are an annoyance in most cities. A common meal for many Egyptians is stuffed or grilled pigeons, which is a very traditional cuisine.

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Traveling allows us to experience and learn about many cultures across the globe, which is one of its greatest benefits. These days, there is a huge surge in food tourism, and people are blogging about it in videos.

It seems logical that you would want to go on a food adventure, and there are a ton of different dishes to try. However, if you truly want to make it entertaining, we recommend exotic foods and drinks.

The world is a diverse place, and all communities have unique traditions and customs that are perfectly acceptable. It's possible that something that seems strange to us might not be strange to them, and vice versa. In light of this, a traveler needs to have an open mind.